Somewhere, right now, in a beach town in Costa Rica, a young backpacker is working for a couple bucks an hour at a beach bar just to afford to keep traveling. Somewhere in Denver, a girl is working a retail job she hates saving every penny she can in order to afford to travel again. A Dutch traveler in Colombia is teaching English for $6 an hour to make rent. A student in Berlin is wondering how on earth he can earn money on the side to afford being in the city.

For the adventurous travel type, these stories are common. Everywhere, people are returning home just to save up for the next adventure, or are working desperately to continue it. But what if these people knew of different options for sustaining themselves and their travels? What if the guy in Costa Rica knew that he could be making $10 an hour simply by having conversations with people in English through tutoring apps on his cell phone – no preparation required? Dollars go a long way in most regions. What if the girl in Denver knew that she could trade volunteer work for a free bed all over the world, and do little jobs online to cover her other costs costs? What if the teacher in Colombia knew that there are professional online translating platforms that average $30 an hour? What if the student knew he could make ten bucks a pop for giving twenty minute reviews on the usability of new websites?

The web is amazing, but it’s enormous, and there is a lot of noise. Google searches for “how to earn online” summon hordes of ads, scams, get rich quick gurus, and a million unhelpful clickbait articles with tantalizing titles but no real information (20 Ways To Earn Online, Number 14 Will BLOW YOUR MIND!). Researching any of those “20 ways” quickly turns into a rabbit hole – you never really know what information is good, and who is just trying to sell you something. Blogs can be useful but come with their own set of issues. Information in them can be outdated, at times they have ulterior motives, and they rely on only one voice… can you really trust that person? There are some amazing resources out there, but how do you find them? Everyone has heard of one way or another to earn online. How do you actually find the good stuff? How do you find what’s actual useful, and what applies to you?

This is why we created Nomad Playground. This is the platform to browse through the many ways of earning online, rate them, and upload new ones – ranging all the way from little ways to get beer money, to resources for professionals to take their skills online. So long as you have a wifi connection you can earn, no matter where you are. All Nomad Playground listings come from members around the world who have used these resources, and have been verified by someone on our team. The core function is user (You) involvement. Users rate, submit new listings, and edit existing ones to ensure that our information is always accurate and up to date. Every listing we publish is the combined effort of at least two people – if you see a mistake on one of our pages or have something helpful to add, submit it. Your experience and your voice is the one we want to hear.

You don’t have to trust me. You’ve never met me, you probably shouldn’t. But you can trust the power of the community. Like other websites that crowdsource reviews, we tap into the power of the collective, for the benefit of the collective. When you succeed in achieving your aspirations in location independent work or travel, so do we all. With knowledge of the right resources you can travel forever, if so inclined, or at least as long as you wish, or simply become location independent in your own country. This isn’t just about covering travel costs, or being a nomadic professional. Hell, it doesn’t have to be about travel at all. It’s about being able to achieve an incredible level of freedom no matter where in the world you call home – freedom of career choice, freedom of location, freedom of lifestyle, and whatever it is that defines flexibility and opportunity to you.

Just one thing to keep in mind – do not expect it all to be easy. There are some easy (repetitive) options for making small amounts of cash on the side, yes, but it takes work, discipline, skill development, and a lot of persistence to achieve real location independence. For those covering travel costs, it means getting lost in new places, hunting down good wifi connections, and dedicating time away from sight-seeing and adventuring in order to work. For the aspiring professional, it means dedicating like hell to their chosen skill set and using it digitally. Nomad Playground makes these resources and this lifestyle more accessible, but it’s up to you to put the work in. If you’re willing to dedicate, anything is possible.

So this is for the ones who are working in beach bars and resort restaurants to keep going. For the aspiring digital nomads, for the professionals who want to use their skills but live a more flexible life. For the NGO volunteers, the hostel workers, the students, and anyone who wants the flexibility that comes with earning online. Nomad Playground succeeds when you succeed, and we wish you nothing less than the realization of your goals, whatever they may be.

Just remember to leave a star rating at the bottom of the listings, and let us all know about any websites that helped you get there 🙂


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