Our Mission: Make location-independent lifestyles available to everyone.

Nomad Playground is a review website based on crowdsourcing information, trust in the collective, and the power of realizing dreams. We are a database for everything related to earning money online in ways that are location-independent. From the backpacker who just wants beer money while he travels, to the professional who wants to learn how to use her skills to become a full-blown digital nomad, we have you covered.



What’s location independence? What’s a digital nomad?

Location-independent work is any work that does not require a fixed location. Digital nomads are individuals with location-independent work who specifically earn digitally from a computer or equivalent device anywhere in the world. There is some dispute as to what “digital nomad” means exactly, since it’s a buzzword, but it’s generally agreed that in order to be one you have to be nomadic to some extent – i.e. be living and working in at least one country outside your own. Digital nomads are freelancers, business owners, professionals who have location-independent jobs with their companies. It is a steadily growing global community with hubs worldwide.

How much variance is there within the digital nomad world?

An incredible amount. There are less and less jobs that can’t be digitized. It is worth noting that some careers lend themselves to being a digital nomad much easier than others, but there is no one answer to “how do I become a digital nomad?”

How does this website make money?

Our model of how to monetize is evolving, but the current plan is affiliate sales. An affiliate sale means that if you click on a link through our site, and buy a service or a product, then very often Nomad Playground gets a cut. Therefore, by using and sharing our links you support our website, and we thank you. In the future we might consider sponsorships or paid ads, but anything that could be interpreted by third parties as compromising to our integrity is obviously something we avoid.

Who created this? Why are you here?

Nomad Playground is by travelers, for travelers. We are a purpose driven business that seeks to democratize information that enables people to travel as long as they want, or become nomadic. The idea for Nomad Playground came when Luke, founder and nomad, noticed a backpacker friend funding his travels with an application that paid $10 an hour just for having conversations in English. Having gone through the job search and application process for English teaching jobs that paid half as much, this caught Luke’s attention. He thought that all backpackers should know of these types of applications and websites, and that the digital nomad lifestyle could be made more accessible to everyone. Hence, Nomad Playground was formed.

Are any of the members of your team single?

Patrick. Patrick is single. Please date Patrick.