Welcome to the Playground.

My name is Luke. I started Nomad Playground to answer a simple question: What real remote opportunities are out there, and what do you need land them?

Nomad Playground is the first review site entirely dedicated to collecting reviews from remote individuals of the websites, tools, and companies they use to find work. We collect reviews of companies that hire remote workers, online marketplaces, job boards, and everything related to earning online and achieving a location independent lifestyle.

This is our way of sorting through the noise to find what the best opportunities are, and which which ones to avoid. Whether you are a digital nomad, a work from home professional, backpacker in need of travel money, or want to know how to use your career skills online, we have you covered.

I hope this website is useful to you, whatever your goals may be, and invite you to contribute the details of your own experiences. Every new review on Nomad Playground helps us build a resource for remote workers everywhere.





What is remote work? 

Remote work is any work independent of a central office or location. It encompasses digital nomads, telecommuting, location independence, work from home employees, online entrepreneurs, and all other forms of work that do not require coming into a specific location.


How does this website make money?

There are a couple ways we have monetized:

  • Affiliates – Some sites pay a commission for sending them employees.
  • Services –  We also help individuals find and land remote work opportunities.
  • Blood magic from sacrificed interns – Management’s personal favorite.

As you can see, the model is evolving. Maintaining our integrity as a third party site is of the utmost importance to us. Anything that could be interpreted by as compromising that integrity is obviously something we will avoid.

Why did you create this? Why are you here?

Our mission is to make location-independent lifestyles available to everyone. Nomad Playground is by remote workers, for remote workers. The amount of opportunities online is exploding, and we need a resource that lets us sort through them and keep the big companies honest. Those of us who work remote deserve to know the quantity and quality of all the options out there.

Are any of the members of your team single?

Patrick. Patrick is single. Please date Patrick.