Due to repeated inquiries, Nomad Playground now offers consulting. If you need to form a plan, or simply want to sort through all the options faster, we’re here to help.

1. Apply

Send us a summary of your goals and work experience in the short form below. Due to demand we only accept a certain amount of applicants. This service is for those who want guidance, insight, and suggestions in their efforts to obtain remote work, find better remote jobs, and be location independent.

2. Consultation

We’ll contact you to schedule  We’ll give an in depth analysis of what opportunities are best for you, what they realistically require to obtain, and all the contextual info you need. We’ll offer examples of those who have been there before you, and the paths they walked to be successful.

3. Money Back Guarantee

If you at any point feel that our advice was not helpful, simply contact us and we’ll return your money. We’re here to help people. If we falter in any way, just tell us and we’ll send your money back.




Ready to get a customized plan for becoming location independent?

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