A video editing marketplace.

Videopixie is a “You Film, They Edit” video editing marketplace in which clients upload footage, and editors bid to land the project. Directors, advertisers, corporations, educators, youtube users, game creators, etc. come to Videopixie to for video editing. Video editors get work through direct invitation by a client who like their profile, successfully bidding on a project, or taking part in contests.

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  1. A marketplace for video creators

    – Small marketplace, less competition.
    – Good user care, the members of Videopixie are easy to reach.
    – Fewer projects, easier to filter through.
    – It’s specific to video work.
    – Good email feed, don’t need to login all the time to browse.
    – Customers choose based on portfolio and proposal rather than reviews and reputation.

    – The platform is still new and not very sophisticated.
    – It remains unclear what specific niche market it will end up serving.

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