A French version of Fiverr.

5euros.com is more or less a smaller, French version of the larger freelance marketplace Fiverr. It is a marketplace in which buyers purchase various freelancer services for 5 euros. Just like Fiverr freelancers can upsell their packages, and winning strategies seem to include selling tasks that can done quickly but require some expertise.

There are less categories on 5euros than Fiverr, though they still have many of the common online freelancing industries, such as graphic design, digital marketing, video work, and more.

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  1. Simple, secure and efficient

    I’ve been using 5euros.com for almost a year, mostly offering translation services French Spanish. After getting a couple of good rates and reviews, more and more new clients come to me, mostly French but also a few Spanish ones.
    Basic service price is 5 € and you can add options priced by multiples of 5 €. The site takes 1 € on any service you sell, either basic or with options.

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