A platform that connects startups with employees and investors.

AngelList is a platform that connects startups with investors and employees through their job board. Not all positions are remote, but many are (to see them click here). There is a heavy tech focus – job categories are engineers, designers, operations, marketing, sales, and management. Development is the most popular.

For job seekers to see listings it’s necessary to create a free account. You will likely need to be prepared to send out many applications. As with most online job boards, you are among a lot of competition.

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  1. Favorite job portal

    AngelList is my favorite job portal. I love them so much. I’ve gotten great contracts with startups here. People tend to be very responsive. A lot of other sites just feel like sending your application out into the void. There are also a lot of overlapping interests between me and the startups I apply to.

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