App Trailers

Paid to watch advertisements for new apps.

App Trailers is a phone app that pays its users for watching short videos, such as music videos, game videos, film trailers, and videos uploaded by members.

Recommended For

Bored people who have the time to idly press ‘play’ every couple of minutes. This is for a bit of extra cash each month, no more. If you’re in a job that has time in between tasks, or has you waiting for customers, this might be a good way to supplement your income.

How To Use It

Download the app, open it, watch videos. You don’t have to watch the videos, you can just let them run. There’s also a referral rewards programs for getting friends to sign up. You are paid 5  points per video, irrespective of length. 10 points equals one cent. If you were able to run videos all day, you might be able to make 8 USD a day. These points can be converted into cash via Paypal or a variety of gift cards (the minimum for Paypal withdrawal is 500 points).

Make sure you have a decent internet connection. Waiting for videos to load immensely increases the time spent to earn an already small amount of money.

  • Beyond pressing ‘play’ there’s no effort at all. You can let the advert run without watching it.
  • Most people already watch videos of some sort on their phone, so you arguably get paid to do something you would already do anyways.
  • Easy to use app.
  • Low earnings.
  • If the loading time is high the time for money ratio sinks even faster.
Things To Know
  • For many people this app just isn’t worth the time.


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