Recommended platform for seasoned VO professionals.

Bodalgo is a European based prominent P2P (pay-to-play) platform for voice over artists, in which VOs pay for the opportunity to bid and audition for projects. It is one of the only platforms for voice over work that professionals consistently recommend.

You must apply to Bodalgo with a portfolio in order to be considered for membership, and they are picky. The level of talent here is higher than the other P2P sites for voice over work. You can find their membership rates here.

Recommended For

Professionals. If you’re inexperienced in VO work or building a portfolio, this is a good platform to aspire to once your skills are developed.

Bodalgo is available English (American and British), German, Spanish, and Italian.

How To Use It

Creating a profile is free, but you will need to apply and sign up for a membership in order to bid and audition for projects. If accepted check out “New Castings” to see what is currently available. Bodalgo will also send you emails notifications of new opportunities.

Be prepared to audition a lot. Many people are competing for the same gigs. Your demos have to be spot on and your turnaround fast in order to be competitive.

  • A huge plus is there are no commissions, fees or add on costs. Bodalgo’s business model relies on membership fees. Voice talents work with directly without the middleman.
  • Bodalgo aims to occupy the high quality niche of the voice over world. Clients are not allowed to post gigs under a certain amount.
  • The owner has a good reputation and is very transparent.
  • They recently developed their own interface so talent can communicate with their clients during sessions (a bit like Skype).
  • Newer than other VO platforms. The amount of work available can lag.
Things To Know
  • Many professionals use Bodalgo as additional income or as a way to fill in gaps in their work pipeline.

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2 reviews

  1. Only one that isn't a total rip off.

    This seems to be the only site that is trying to provide work at near union rates. The guy who runs it is a VO himself. I get the vast majority of my clients privately so I don’t use these platforms as much anymore, but this is the only P2P site I take seriously.

  2. Highly Recommended If You Have The Chops

    Read the blog ( rants ) from the Bodalgo owner Armin Herstetter He is very outspoken and even uses a lot of cuss words when it comes to the lack of preparation and poor quality voiceover demos.

    Armin has to personally review all potential VO members demo’s for His site membership, and He rants and is very serious about all the wanabee VO’s flooding the talent pool.

    Highly recommended reading if only for the entertainment value .

    Most transparent VO site on the web.

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