Teach English on your smartphone or tablet to Chinese K12 students.
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Boxfish is an online English teaching company located in China which offers 25 minutes English classes to Chinese K12 students.

Teachers earn $10 per 25 minute class. Boxfish publicizes that this amounts to $20 an hour, but it does not appear that there is any guarantee that you will get classes back to back. Boxfish provides teaching plans and materials.

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  1. BOXFiSH- couldn't get enough lessons to make it worth my while.

    The lessons are all planned for you so you don’t need to spend time preparing anything. Lets you choose the hours you want to work within certain parts of the day.

    I’ve been unable to get enough lessons to make this a sustainable source of income. Via the BOXFiSH app, you say which hours you can work and are then assigned students. In the past two weeks I’ve said I can work most days but I’ve only been given one half hour lesson which paid $10.

    The application process is long and unclear. When you first sign up its very quick and easy but then you have to have an interview, watch various videos, do a test and do a trial lesson. This is all quite time consuming and its not explained to you before hand how long the process will take and how many steps are actually involved.

    Perhaps if you have a different main source of income BOXFiSH may be ok for a bit of side money but for me, the time spent becoming a teacher in the first place doesn’t justify the amount of lessons you are able to teach, and therefore money you are able to make once you become a teacher.

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