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The Bright Idea Company, an e-commerce company focused largely on (but not limited to) Amazon FBA, is accepting individuals to work with them in an apprenticeship. Accepted applicants learn the ropes of running their own location independent e-commerce business by working in the company under the tutelage of Nico Jannasch.

In Nico’s words: “I will teach you how to run a profitable, location independent e-commerce business. You are paid to learn without risking your own money. After working with us, you’ll have built and operated a profitable and scalable passive income e-commerce business selling products on, and we will provide investment for you to begin your own company.”

Salary is calculated as a percentage of revenue. Contact below for more information.

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  1. Nearly 6 figures together 1st year - helped me start my own business

    There are three reasons why I love working with Nico, and which will make me stay with him for years.

    1. He’s talented – This is not the first succesful business he’s built, and it’s not the last one (we’re already thinking of new projects.) . You can trust his advice given that he’s out there testing it on the field.

    2. He’s a hustler. – He gets things done and works with you so you can do the same. Don’t confuse it with overwork and burnout! It’s not a 1-hour a day job, but he also respects your private life and doesn’t expect you to pull 80 hour weeks. But there’s no time wasting either. In my first year we nearly made 6 figures in revenue!

    3. He’s nice – Generous with advice, with resources, and with his time – and really just a nice guy to talk to. He’s also supported me on starting my own ecommerce business. I personally can’t handle lame or abusive bosses, and this may be the most important reason why we’ll work together a long time.

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