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Cambly is an tutoring platform that connects English students with native English speakers via video chat. Tutors earn by having conversations in English – no class preparation necessary.

Pay is $0.17 per full chat minute ($10.20 an hour). However, because student demand fluctuates, tutors often average closer to $8 an hour.

How To Use It

The application form is short, but pay close attention to the short introductory video (Here’s our guide to How To Make a Killer Application Video.) This is where most applicants trip up – it’s worth taking the time to make a smooth video.

Once accepted, wait for calls to come in, and accept them to chat. Pro tip – make sure to sign up for Priority Hours. These are hours during which Cambly will promote your tutor profile to students so you will get more calls, more ratings, and more work.

Recommended For:

One-upping your friend who just spent two months landing a demanding English teaching job that only pays $6 an hour (so long as you have fast internet). You can actually make a decent income if you have fast internet access and take lots of call shifts, especially if you’re living internationally where the dollar is in your favor.

  • Get paid just for chatting in your native language
  • Flexibility – tutor whenever you want, for as long as you want. Students come from all over the globe.
  • Helpful and responsive staff.
  • Payments are accurate and on time
  • Far easier, and sometimes more lucrative, than hunting down English teaching jobs abroad.
  • Strong internet connection is a must (at least 2.0 mbps download and upload speed). Cambly tests your connection to make sure it’s up to their standards. Tutoring from hostels in South America, for instance, likely won’t work.
  • Pay comes out to be lower than advertised, but is still good money for just chatting in English.
  • Native-level English speakers only.
  • Taking call after call can be quite tiring, or even exhausting. Some tutors recommend using this for side money, not full income.
Things To Know
  • Definitely sign up for Priority Hours because you are guaranteed 15 minutes of pay per hour-long shift you sign up for (even if you don’t receive a call). If you sign up for a shift, you have to be online during that hour block and answer every call that comes your way. If you miss too many shifts you may be blocked from the shift system.
  • Be on the lookout for any tutoring bonuses when Cambly gets random waves of popularity. The team will email you with any special bonus offers that arise for certain numbers of shifts claimed during “high-demand” hours
  • The tutoring resources Cambly offers for conversation-starters are handy.
  • Be friendly!

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  1. Extremely useful.

    This site was pretty easy to sign up for, and is a very convenient way to earn money on the road. Earn by just by chatting with people? Yes please. I’d definitely recommend it.

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