Casting Words

Easily joined transcription site.

Casting Words pays transcribers (You) to convert short audio files to text. Most jobs pay $.30-$.90 per audio minute transcribed.

How To Use It:

Transcribe audio content into a written format. After experience you can edit transcriptions as well. Signing up is super simple – most anyone can do it, though any work completed must consistently meet a certain standard.

Your work is given a score as you complete it, and you are given a rank. Low scores mean a low rank and the possibility of not even getting paid. High scores mean higher paying jobs and paid bonuses. Most jobs pay $.30-$.90 per audio minute transcribed.

Recommended For:

Those who have transcribing skills, or those who want to learn them. Transcribing is not easy in the beginning, and earnings largely depend on skill and speed. That said, those with the skills who commit can often earn as little or as much as they want here.

  • Pretty much anyone can sign up.
  • Multiplier bonuses. Example: score high and earn 1.5 times the pay.
  • You can listen to the audio before accepting the assignment, making it somewhat easier to avoid difficult assignments, or audio files with terrible quality
  • Open schedule – work as much or as little as you want.
  • Plenty of work available.
  • Detailed feedback.
  • $1 payout minimum to Paypal.
  • Pay is determined only by assignment length, not difficulty. A clip that is difficult to transcribe pays the same as an easy one, even if it takes twice the time to complete. Difficulty levels are a major factor in how profitable your work with Casting Words is.
  • All assignments are timed in hours, so you must be able to dedicate chunks of time.
  • A large percentage of money to be made is in bonuses, which are determined only after the job is complete.
  • Can take a week or more for funds to be deposited into your account.
Things To Know:
  • Many beginners struggle with the work. For example, one Nomad Playground member who types 100+ WPM struggled to complete a 3 minute clip within the 1.5 hour time period, resulting in earnings of only $.25 per hour.
  • It’s recommend to install basic audio editing software which can help clean up difficult sections of bad audio tracks.


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2 reviews

  1. Difficult for the unskilled

    Transcription is incredibly difficult for the uninitiated. If you already have the skills or are willing to put in the work to develop them this resource could be worth it. Castingwords applies rigid time limits and does not increase pay for more difficult assignments, limiting it’s effectivity as a nomadic resource. If you are a seasoned transcriber you might be able to make some decent money but I would have a hard time recommending this site to those without experience.

  2. It was the worst!

    After having transcribed for 2 years before this, I was hugely disappointed by CastingWords. Their editors’ standards for transcribing are rigid, and often arbitrarily so, leading to a downgrading of assignments that you might have put a lot of work into. Errors that are easily corrected will still be used against you in order to cut pay. Moreover, editors often point out ‘mistakes’ that are in fact completely acceptable and have no reason to be edited out at all. It’s a huge waste of time and effort.

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