Click away at micro-tasks. The name says it all.


ClickWorker connects payers with workers (You). Payers are most often business owners or online marketers who want something done dirt cheap. Client’s jobs are broken down into micro tasks, which are assigned to hundreds or thousands of workers. There are a variety of little tasks that end up on CW but the majority come from their partner UHRS, a project run by Microsoft which mostly deals with user-testing tasks related to web search engines.


How To Use It:
Sign up and create a profile. Putting in as much detail about yourself as possible helps. Looking at things and then clicking something pretty much sums up the majority of work on here. You get paid by the task.


Recommended For:
Those with small attention spans and empty wallets. We can say beer money, but nothing too fancy unless you stumbled across one of the jobs that pays 15 cents or more per tasks. Unfortunately, though, those are what everyone is looking for so best of luck on that.



  • Depending on the scores of your qualification tests, whats available etc., you may find opportunities to make up to fifteen cents per micro task.
  • Even if the pay is only 3 cents, most of the tasks takes only a few seconds and funds can add up fairly quickly
  • After first payment, deposits are made weekly.



  • Some may not having to take like the initial and pre-project assessments, however, they are actually pretty short and frustration-free.
  • Many get bored of jobs which pay bare minimum to complete.
  • There are negative consequences, such as getting suspended or banned from a task, if you do poorly on the pre-project assessments.
  • Depending on your location, or what language you speak, there may be less offerings available.
  • The first payment deposit takes about 21 days.


Things To Know:

  • In general, the “universal human relevance system” (don’t ask us about that name) tasks typically pay higher.
  • You’ll want to pay close attention during the exams, and to any job guidelines or deadlines.


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  1. Location data conflict prohibited me from using this

    You may have to sign up in your home country, as I tried to sign up while traveling and the activation link wouldn’t work. After sending an email asking to reset my activation link I received an email saying that they couldn’t as ‘there was a discrepancy between the data you provided and connection data’ obviously in reference to the fact I said I was from one country and applying from another. They said in order to activate it I had to provide a copy of ID (driver licence, passport etc) aswell as a gas bill or something similar that had my name and address on it, no more than 2 months old. I politely declined.

    So my recommendation is if you want to do this while traveling, apply first at home.

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