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A platform for buying and selling articles.

Constant Content is a platform for buying and selling articles. There are two aspects to this site. The first is a marketplace where you can post articles (including any old ones you no longer want), and clients will peruse and buy depending on whether or not that article fits their needs. The second is access to private and public writing pools in which you do specific jobs for clients.

There is an application process, but once accepted you can find work rather quickly.

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  1. Choose wisely and you'll land great gigs.

    I’ve been very fortunate to land great gigs with massive websites through CC. It is vital that you only pick up projects through CC staff though, as they manage the larger clients. Their names are usually at the bottom of the email, identifying them as CC staff. This is another platform where customers can abuse the system and writers risk not getting paid. if you’re patient and choose job wisely, you’re looking at projects that run for 6 months or longer.

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