Crash with local hosts worldwide.
What It Is:

Couchsurfing is a platform were you can offer to host somebody for free or to get accommodation for free. A search by location shows available hosts, events, groups, and even “hangouts,” which are travelers in the area who want to meet up.

Recommended For:

Adventure travelers that search for like-minded people and that want to live an economic backpacker lifestyle.

How To Use It:

Read hosts’ profiles before messaging them, and be descriptive in your own. People are inviting you into their homes, make sure to be respectful. This isn’t a free hostel, this is a cultural exchange. Warning: you will make friends.

  • Free, easy, useful, and a fantastic way to meet interesting people worldwide.
  • Sending out lots of requests can be quite time consuming. The more in-demand a location is, the more requests you’ll likely have to send out to find a host.
Things To Know:
  • Pro tip: Send your requests to hosts a week or two in advance. Last minute requests work on occasion, but don’t count on it.
  • Meeting your host in public before staying with them is a good practice.
  • Some people use CS to try and hook up. If someone is being obviously flirtatious, just find another host.
  • We love Couchsurfing.


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  1. Use this site.

    The CS community is worldwide and full of amazing people. I’ve had hosts and guests that I keep in contact with to this day.

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