Teach English to children in China.
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DadaABC is a Chinese based company that hires English teachers remotely to do one on one classes on their platform with students age 5-16 in China. Dada provides the teaching materials. There are three kinds of classes with different time expectations – trial (14 min), elective (30 min), and major (30 min – 1 hr).

Dada pays from around $20/ hr to a maximum of $25/hr. Teachers are required to be native speakers with a Bachelor’s degree and a computer with audio/video that meets their requirements. High speed internet is a requirement – they will test your internet connection and expect their teachers to have an ethernet cable connection.

Unlike some other high paying English teaching companies like VIPKid, Dada does not require that their teachers have a North American accent. Teachers with other native English accents are welcome.

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  1. Good stable work for those who are organised and reliable with actual teaching skills


    – very consistent, the company organises everything for you in terms of classes with a great online interface that is easy to use and very structured 6 month and 12 month contracts. People with professional backgrounds and greater control over their work environments will find this the easiest to adapt to.
    – if you want the same hours everyday you can, as long as they fall in the afterschool teaching period (18:00 to 21:00 shanghai time)

    – classes are well organised so like all teaching you spend a little more until the material is familiar and after that you have a good method for short reviews, Regular students are assigned if people like you so you get to know the students which makes things easier and more interesting for relationship building

    .- I love the company´s level of organisation and general dedication, if you are busy and can commit to the hours it works

    – much better than teaching in person (I think)

    – if you speak more than one language you had to learn as an adult this will help

    – you think children are pretty cool

    – already have your ESL certification? great


    – you need really good internet (like fiber optic, and top speed internet) this is because you are using a virtual classroom and not a program like Skype, it´s an actual classroom with drawing buttons and translators etc. so if you are the kind of person who wants to work remotely from a mountain top and a remote beach, this is not for you, better for more stable nomads or semi nomadic people who can work from cities with good internet

    – pay is in chinese dollars (CNY chinese-yuan-renminbi) and has varying prices on conversion rates depending on the bank and currency

    – appearance is neat and clean with headset and a blue shirt, some kind of world map/ABC backdrop, if you can´t manage these things don´t do it.

    – great for European time and parts of Asia, not so great for North and South American locations due to the time differences (hello 5am)

    – you cannot be late or unreliable, everything is timed to the second, you have 2 min between classes which are not paid for only the times for the classes, the rate you audition for is the rate you receive for classes, a half rate retainer is given for no classes within your contract hours, Again professionals will find this easier to adapt to. I have full rate classes back to back each day but you build this for the first few weeks before so they trust you and see your teaching style. If they like you, you will be booked out

    – must be open to feedback and giving good feedback. Short reports are required and unpaid but do not take very long and if you have worked for other companies as I have they are significantly less, you can easily write a full day of reports in under half and hour.

    – have a backup plan incase your internet fails or something similar. important, they deduct your wage for each minute not present (chinese culture very strict on time)

    – ESL certification needed, Speaking English is not enough, it looks easy but you have to understand how to deliver a class and the difference between a noun and a verb and tenses so they can understand it, common sense.

  2. Best company I have worked for!

    I started November 2016. Recruitment was slow but not as bad.

    Lessons are easy to give. Students are cute and really nice.

    I always got an answer from administration and they have good support on the fb page.

    Only once there where issues with everyone regarding payment, but it got solved after a week. Some government issue with transaction retaining. I haven’t heard or read any further problems regarding payment.

    Very supportive as a woman being pregnant. Right now, I am on a break because of pregnancy but hoping I can soon go back to them, as they promised me a contract when I am done with this delicate stage of my life.

    In general, they provide so much support to their tutors.

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