Dynamite Circle

An exclusive community for successful location independent professionals.

Dynamite Circle is an exclusive group of digital nomads with chapters in various cities around the world. Members get access to mastermind groups, forums, exclusive events, networking, and special offers.

You must apply and already have some level of success in order to be accepted. In their own words, this is what Dynamite Circle looks for in its members:

  • Applicants must have an established business
  • They should be able to provide evidence of business ownership with a URL to their services website, E-store, Portfolio of work, Other online presence, etc.
  • They have employees or have outsourced individuals supporting the business.
  • They value travel and are location independent.
  • They are not supplementing their income through oDesk-type jobs, random niche/affiliate sites, ad-roll revenue, etc.
  • They have an abundance mindset, giving attitude, and expertise that is more important than traditional business success.

Membership is paid quarterly ($147) or annually ($499).

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4 reviews

  1. Location independent and an entrepreneur? This is where you ramp up...

    If you have a business and you’re location independent, you may not be growing or moving as quickly as you thought. The DC is where you can take your business to the next level. If you’re generating revenue, check them out.

  2. Dynamite circle

    The dynamite circle is a really solid community for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs. People who are newer to it will find the most value. I’ve gotten a ton of friends and clients from it as well. Not as good for super hardcore hustling startup types and I know some people who have had some complaints but my experience has been super positive.

  3. Beta liberal digital nomad paradise.

    Great group, with lots of unique and up to something people, .but also lots of wanna be digital nomads just getting started. Events all around the world, good forum to discuss digital nomad life. Just don’t rock the boat, they censor more threads than any group I have seen. They like YES people who don’t question the authority of the group or the control they have over it..

  4. I’m a pro travel blogger since 2007 and joined the DC two years ago after meeting lots of members while living in Medellin, Colombia.

    While I don’t spend a lot of time in the forums, which have A TON of valuable information, I get more than my money’s worth out of the networking and live events, and the mastermind group I joined over a year ago that continues to go strong.

    Many of the members have six figure businesses, and some have hit seven figures. I find it very inspiring to spend time around so many hustling entrepreneurs.

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