Fancy Hands

A VA platform that only hires VAs from the US.

Country restrictions: native English speakers from the US only. 

Fancy Hands is a platform that hires virtual assistants. Clients pay a subscription and submit tasks, which Fancy Hands passes off to its team of VAs (You) to complete. Fancy Hands differentiates itself from other VA websites by only hiring native English speakers from the US, as opposed to other VA companies which focus on outsourcing talent to other countries.

Fancy Hands pays per task, not per hour. For some this seems to be an opportunity to complete many tasks in a short period of time and earn more, whereas for others it seems to be a way to take advantage of the VAs and pay very little for time intensive work.

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  1. Not worth your time.

    Please don’t do Fancy Hands if you value your time. I’m sorry this is gonna be long but I just want you all to know how they treat VAs. I tried it for a month. They only let you get paid $3 for 20 mins of work. You also have to stop every 20 mins and notify the client and ask for permission to continue. This can take forever. There are mentors who oversee everything you do so it’s like you can’t be trusted. I had an amazing client on there who only wanted my help twice a week to help with school grades for kids (long story) but I constantly had to spend way too much time getting permission to work rather than working. The client was fantastic but the site was awful! I spent my whole month working with her and the mentors there would be so furious at me for “delaying” the task even when the client requested it. I spent so much time arguing with the managers that this is really what she wanted. In the end I spoke to the client every 2 days for a month and got paid $15. Not worth it.

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