Feedback Genius

A review management tool for Amazon FBA sellers, Feedback Genius automates emails for seller feedback, product reviews, and more.

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  1. One of the original email follow-up services for Amazon sellers

    We recently transitioned away from using Feedback Genius in our business.

    Unfortunately, their auto-blacklist feature (wherein you can forego sending emails to customers who have opted out of receiving emails) didn’t always work for us.

    At our level, the subscription cost either $40 or $80 (depending on our monthly sales volume).

    There are now platforms that include this in their stack of tools for only $40 or $50 per month, so we no longer saw the need to pay separately for the service.

    We have now transitioned our email follow-up to CashCowPro.

  2. I used this software for about 1.5 years. It’s a very easy platform to use, and at $20/month for low-volume emailing, it worked well. Compared to other Amazon Email Follow-Up services, this is simple, well priced, and no frills because no frills are necessary.

    I’ll never know if it was MY uncreative emails asking for feedback or reviews, or if something was wrong with the platform, but I canceled my subscription for 1 reason:

    I actually looked at the amount of reviews generated over the previous 4 months, with thousands of emails sent… and I hadn’t gotten a single review. Lots of emails, no results.

    MAYBE it wasn’t tracking accurately and I did get some reviews/feedback that weren’t recorded.
    MAYBE my emails asking customers to tell me about problems via email kept me form getting bad reviews.

    But, after seeing very few results. I ended my subscription.

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