Field Agent

App that pays for local jobs in their neighborhood like secret shopping, price checks, and more.

Field Agent is only available in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Romania, South Africa and the United States.


Field Agent is an iPhone app that pays its users to perform small, short local jobs. Field Agent is a marketplace where businesses can find individuals from specific locations to complete tasks that they either don’t want their own employees to know about, or don’t have anyone else available for. The jobs include mystery shopping, price checks, and inspecting product displays in retail stores. These gigs are posted in the app and are visible to users based on proximity to their current location.


How To Use It:
Download the app and create a profile – make sure to complete a few “Screeners,”  short surveys you have to take to become eligible for paying jobs. After that you’re good to go. You can browse available jobs near you, complete with details such as how much time you have to complete the gig, what the pay is, instructions and an address. A typical assignment requires you to take photos with your phone, write a brief response, and/or answer several multiple choice questions. Some assignments require interaction with a store clerk.

Each job has 2 hours to be completed. You can start a new job after each hour. Jobs pay between $3 and $12. Ultimately, how much you earn depends on where do you live and how much time you want to spend at the stores. Based on reviews, users often make an extra $30 a week, shopping  2-4 times. Follow the instructions carefully, and you can make your time at the grocery store worth some money.


Recommended For:
This is recommended for those traveling in big cities who are already visiting various shopping locations. Don’t expect to see many jobs if you are in the middle of the jungle – companies don’t care if the product is upside down at a convenience store in a town with a population of 2,000. With luck you can complete more than one job at the same store, adding up earnings quickly. This could be especially useful to frequent travelers, as they are constantly in new locations, making more jobs available.



  • Easy to use.
  • No withdrawal minimum or waiting period. You can withdraw immediately, or store earnings in your Field Agent account.
  • Fast, effective support.
  • Possible to complete multiple jobs in one store/ location.
  • The app finds jobs near you.
  • No fee or cut taken by Field Agent – all earnings are yours.
  • No high qualification bar to pass.



  • Only available in certain countries.
  • Completed jobs that you submit aren’t guaranteed to be accepted, even if you follow all the steps.
  • This app has gotten some bad reviews due to being buggy or having some inconvenient features. For instance, you cannot use your phone’s regular camera app, you must use the camera that comes with Field Agent. The app’s GPS can be buggy. Good internet signal cuts down on these issues.
  • Can eat up a lot of data – if you have a limited data plan, this can hurt.


Things To Know:

  • The jobs available depend on your Agent Rating. Canceled or incomplete jobs will lower your rating, making less jobs available to you. Successfully completed jobs raise your rating, which means more jobs with higher pay to choose from. Many jobs are only available to those with high Agent Ratings.
  • Be discreet (depending on location). Some stores don’t allow customers to take photographs.
  • Always complete the Screeners.
  • Make sure to have a decent internet connection.
  • You may have to complete a few jobs before getting some of the better gigs.
  • Make sure to start the job on your app as soon as possible, even before you go out. This ensures no one will take the job before you arrive.
  • If you live in an area without much competition, you can wait for a few days and usually see the payment increase.

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