The marketplace to sell anything for $5 (or more).

Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace in which sellers of all kinds post gigs for $5 (or more), or bid on gigs posted by buyers. The diversity of gigs posted here is enormous – you can find everything from graphic design, to professional voice overs, to translators, to dancing groups of people singing happy birthday with your friend’s name written on their bellies.

There’s no charge for posting gigs on Fiverr or bidding on projects. A 20% commission is charged on your earnings by Fiverr, and a 2% processing fee is charged by PayPal, so net earnings from a $5 gig are actually $3.96. However, there are strategies for maximizing earnings and making the most of the platform.

Recommended For

Skilled and/ or clever freelancers who are persistent in marketing themselves and building their profiles. This platform is particularly suited for creative sellers with unique or in-demand services. Generally Fiverr work is recommended as additional income or work on the side, though there are sellers who make their living from it.

How To Use It

Strictly speaking, you can create a free profile in minutes and post as many gigs that you’re willing to do for $5 as you want. However, to get results you’ll need to bid on projects, hustle to collect ratings in the beginning. Be patient when building your profile.

It’s worth getting to know the Fiverr system to make it work to your advantage. The two key strategies to earning with Fiverr involve selling specific, easily repeatable gigs for $5 that can be completed in a short amount of time, and upselling.  Gigs start at $5, but you can upsell gigs to be $10, $15, or much higher. You can also encourage clients to contact you for custom orders.

  • Once you have a number of highly starred reviews clients will come to you. Fiverr does the advertising for you.
  • Creativity is rewarded.
  • There are several ways to be strategic with your offerings, including rapidly adjusting the services you offer to follow trends, and creating many gigs which are very similar.
  • Processes like upselling are upfront and straightforward.
  • 20% out of your profits is pretty steep.
  • Slow dispute resolution support.
  • Lots of competition.
Things To Know
  • Getting good ratings is essential.
  • Make use of the buyer and seller rating systems to make sure you’re working with quality clients.
  • Being on top of the details is important. Respond quickly to buyer requests and deliver orders on time.
  • Be exceptionally kind to your customers. It will go a long way – not all sellers here are professional.
  • Take a look at top sellers in your category before creating your own gigs. What’s their formula? How can you differentiate?


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6 reviews

  1. Great way to start generating income. Takes time for it to come in, but great if you get multiple projects

    I have used Fiverr significantly as both a consumer, producer and strategist. Here’s how:

    – Cover for my book was produced by someone on Fiverr
    – Second Ebook cover (which was great) produced on Fiverr
    – Editing done by someone on fiverr for my Ebook (look for a good one though)
    -Table of Contents/Kindle Formating done on Fiverr
    -Other professional materials I needed as well

    -Produced a number of speeches and commercials on Fiverr
    -Able to receive excel sheet with all income/expense reports from Fiverr funds

    -got ideas for different types of services
    -got ideas on how to package services for selling purposes
    -got to expand the possibilities of future projects because I could recognize skills others had which were not even on my radar

  2. take it as a side business untill you get higher rank

    I have been working on fiverr from long time and I feel it is good for buyers only, competition is too high between sellers, there is no minimum or maximum worth of any services, you can get any service in just $5, what you think what sort of quality you get in web development in just $5, seller will make you stuck with him/her and then you have to plenty of amount,
    And the major fact is… on such platforms there are only 30% freelancers and other are well settled organization who created their profile as personal or the setup a team to create a profile and post as much proposals.
    So where is freelancing?

  3. My first platform to get money online!

    Fiver is a platform that can be used to launch products, sell services and even get passive income.

    It helped me get my first money on the internet, Also has a statistics system that helps you measure the market and understand which products are the best to sell.

    The prices are usually low at the beginning but once you start collecting good reviews the road becomes easier and earn money as well.

    Understanding the platform is a short time and I am sure you can generate long-term customer relationships, so this platform is a good way to validate your knowledge and find bring clients with you.

    Remember to create a user with the name of your company to be sure the can google you then.

    In case you want to hire people, you have a super advanced system where you can quickly get a job ready. It has a much better time than other platforms, since you avoid the interview process and you can in 24 hours have a job ready and delivered.

    So I recommend this product in every way. It is certainly a matter of trying and understanding the mechanisms but I´m sure you will get money here.

  4. It's great!

    I’ve used fiverr offering translations from English to Spanish and viceversa, because Spanish is my first language and I’ve been learning English since I was born so it’s easy for me. I usually try to take short translations though, because I’m not that confident about my skills, but my customers have been satisfied. In regards to using fiverr as a service myself, I had to do a paper to finish school and I contacted a bunch of people to help me search for info and tips on my topic, which is awesome because you have a lot of persons who each work differently and charge different prices so there’s always someone who can assist your needs.

  5. It serves the purpose for small jobs

    I hired on Fiverr. The vast supply of freelancers gives you enough options the find a good fit. I wouldn’t recommend if for large projects but if you have smaller and/or recurring jobs like simple design or translation setc. it is a very suitable platform to get your things done with a short turnaround. It might take some trial and error to find the right person to work with. The oversupply of freelancers makes it hard to do quality assessment, so price becomes the ultimate decision factor.

  6. Cheap and good for simple tasks

    I always use Fiverr for simple one-time tasks, like designing a logo, creating presentation slides, editing video, WordPress website improvements / changes etc. The services come with very accessible prices, there is plenty of freelancers to choose from and the turn around is typically very fast. There is the system of reviews, escrow account etc., and so far I haven’t had a bad experience. You are always buying gigs, so by default it’s a one-time, short-term arrangement. So far, I’ve always asked for a custom order based on my description of the task. Once we agree on the price and all the details, the freelancers prepares the custom order, I start it (specifying all the requirements officially) and the work begins, while staying in touch via internal chat. When the order is delivered, as a buyer, I can accept it or ask for a revision. However, the system of gigs is not appropriate for hiring somebody as a long term team member. If you are happy with the service, you can come back and buy another gig from the same seller, but it’s not a regular long-term arrangement with a freelancer. Fiverr serves it’s purpose – buy a gig and move on 🙂

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