Highly rated job board for telecommuting jobs. Most listings are for US based applicants, but there is an international section.
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Flexjobs is perhaps the highest rated job board for telecommuting jobs both remote and semi-remote. The jobs posted here largely target those based in the US, but there are sections for international applicants as well. Who is able to apply for what depends entirely on the employer. Part time jobs, full time jobs, freelance gigs, and more can be found here.

Flexjobs requires a paid membership that has three levels. They have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

  1. Monthly: $14.95
  2. 3 months: $29.95 (about $10/ month)
  3. A year: $49.95 (about $4/ month)
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If you want remote jobs that pay more and have the qualifications to get them, Flexjobs can make your job search much easier. A lot of quality jobs are posted here, and Flexjobs consistently scores high reviews from its users. If you’re serious about landing one of these positions consider getting a membership.

If you aren’t serious about online work Flexjobs probably isn’t worth your time. There’s a lot of competition for online gigs on boards like this. Good opportunities are here but you’ll likely have to send quite a few applications.

How To Use It

MAKE SURE TO SEARCH FOR JOBS THAT ARE FULLY REMOTE. Some jobs posted here semi-remote and require you to be in the area. If you want to be location independent make sure to apply to the remote ones.

Included in the membership is access to a wide selection of skill tests that you can take to demonstrate your credentials in a particular area.  Prospective employers will see tests you scored highly on, but not ones you didn’t.  If you don’t score well you can retake the test after 24 hours have passed. Non-members can access the tests as well, but at the cost of $14.99 per test.

  • No scams – they research every job posting. Applicants on other job boards can waste a lot of time making sure the listing they’re considering applying for isn’t fake. Not an issue here.
  • Very detailed advanced search options. Searches on other mega job boards often return tons of results, only for applicants to find that the time requirement isn’t what they’re looking for (looking at you Indeed), or that they have to visit the job site in person. Flexjobs makes it easy to sort through all of that.
  • One complaint is that many of the jobs posted here can be found on search engines or other job boards. That said, other job boards are more likely to have fake listings to sort through to find the real ones.
  • Lots of competition – plan on sending out many applications. Flexjobs is very well known.
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