Forcastly has a variety of tools that provide predictive analysis and demand forecasting for Amazon FBA sellers.

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  1. Decent if you don't have your own solution. Fairly basic algorithms is a tool for inventory management for FBA sellers.

    If you have a large product portfolio, this might be a good interface for keeping track of inventory.

    However, it does not provide any tools for analyzing seasonal trends or predicting sales based on historic trends.

    The algorithms for calculating safety stock are also fairly generic.

    Unfortunately, the algorithm simply uses the trailing 15 or 30 days of sales data to predict when one should reorder stock. This is ineffective if the product is extremely seasonal or if it has recently suffered a stockout. There’s no way to change this calculation (at least when I tested the platform)..

    Overall, it is a fairly basic, yet intuitive way to track inventory and predict stockouts. Just don’t expect it to do anything more than a basic Excel spreadsheet can do.

  2. Mediocre

    This software needs improvement or new inventory software will crush it.

    – Forecastly features are limited, plenty of bugs when using the software.
    – It can’t tell the different between listings you deleted from your Amazon inventory. and the one still active. It pulls all the deleted SKUs.
    – Doesn’t know jack about ranking,

    – Good support in the beginning when you set it up.
    – Does basic inventory forecasting based on 30-60 days sale history.

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