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FreeeUp is a worldwide freelancer marketplace that helps business owners find pre-vetted freelancers online. FreeeUp accepts only the top 1% of applicants into its network. Business owners make their request, and FreeeUp finds them 1 match within 1  business day.

FreeeUp began with a focus in freelance assistance in eCommerce, but has quickly expanded into other fields. Freelancers set their own rates. Currently there are more than 85 different skill sets, with freelancers charging anywhere from $5 to $75 per hour.

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  1. Great Marketplace for Freelancers

    – great people to work with
    – awesome CEO (Nathan Hirsch)
    – great support system
    – value your work and skills
    -nothing that I can think of

  2. Great Place

    The FreeeUp marketplace is an awesome marketplace for freelancers. The support team is amazing. The CEO is great! The people are really easy to work with. The Best!

  3. Love these guys!

    I’m a full time freelancer and they have plenty of quality work to keep me busy. I also use them as a client for assistance with smaller tasks. Certainly one of the best marketplaces out there.

  4. Happy Freelancer Here!

    I have been in the FreeeUp Marketplace for a year and four months. However, I have been a freelancer for almost six years. With FreeeUp Marketplace, HARD WORK REALLY PAYS OFF! I got introduced to awesome clients and I help them manage their Amazon stores. What separates FreeeUp from other marketplaces is that We build a “relationship” with our clients and with the freelancers inside the marketplace. It is not just work for each of us, but we always ensure to put trust, hardwork and dedication. It is an awesome place to be!

  5. FreeeUp is AWESOME!

    Extremely happy with FreeeUp! FreeeUp marketplace is an awesome place for freelancers and a great resource of remote online workers. This is the marketplace who will value your skills and great works.

  6. When I started working in the FreeeUp marketplace, I stopped searching elsewhere.

    When I started working in the FreeeUp marketplace, I stopped searching elsewhere. I’ve been providing services for FreeeUp clients and its internal team for almost 2 years now and counting.

    > They pre-vet freelancers
    > They only hire the Top 1% of freelancers
    > They don’t hire newbies, so clients are sure to get high-quality services, and the freelancers get to be matched with high-valued/VIP clients in return
    > Freelancers get to declare the rate they deserve based on their expertise level. No need to bargain or bid for super low rates just to get a project/client.
    > Clients get to be introduced to candidates fast (within 24 business hours), and freelancers should respond to a client introduction within 24 business hours as well
    > Freelancers need not wait for weeks/months/years for a client’s response to their job proposal, as FreeeUp introduces you to clients who are in need of your services right away
    > FreeeUp management handles issues very well and professionally, that at the end of the day, they make sure both clients and freelancers are happy
    > Career growth is very fast as long as you keep working hard and comply with the FreeeUp marketplace’s guidelines

    > I’ll come back after xxx years as I can’t think of any right now.

    My experience with FreeeUp is just exceptional. 🙂

  7. Amazing community, tons of resources, scalable, transparent

    FreeeUp has scaled my business tremendously. I can both find clients for my own marketing agency as well as hire talented researchers, designers, Amazon specialists, and assistants for my side businesses. It’s an incredible community.

  8. Best Marketplace for freelancers today!

    The best Marketplace for Freelancers today! They assure the quality of service to its clients and gives the best rate that freelancers deserve.

  9. Amazing for Freelancers & Clients

    I have experience being as Client and as a Freelancer – It makes hiring qualified workers fast, easy, and simple.

    The CEO Nathan and his team are always available for support.

  10. Quality Clients and Workers

    Quality clients who know what they want and are ready to move on projects. FreeeUp has a seamless process for connecting the right clients with the right workers and I’m always able to pick up more work when needed. I’m also a client myself and use workers on the marketplace for my own business(es) as well.

  11. Great Projects! Supportive Staff!

    FreeeUp is the best freelancing plaltform today- both for professionals looking for projects and business owners who need an extra hand to..well, FreeeUp their time to do other important matter.. FreeeUp has helped me establish my freelancing business not in months, but weeks!. Support is great and you’ll feel that you belong to a family. Keep up the awesome job!

  12. VA support -- Two thumbs up

    I’ve been using FreeeUp for a few months now. Consider me a fan. Very straight forward, real customer support, contractors with real expertise.

  13. FREEEUP and Skilled SEO Expertise

    I requested a resource from FreeeUp to do a complete SEO review of my website. They connected me with Tyler Laney and he did the detailed review of my site and then spent 30 minutes going through the results with me.

    Excellent work all around and great value for the money spent!

    David Taylor, Founder of

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