One of the world's biggest online freelancer marketplaces.

Rival to platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, bills itself as the biggest worldwide online freelancer marketplace. It certainly has numbers to boast, and work options across a multitude of industries, but is hounded by negative reviews from freelancers and employers alike of convoluted fee and payment systems, poor support, scams/ fake jobs, and other issues.

Recommended For:

Professional freelancers who are prepared to invest the time necessary to build a profile with ratings on a worldwide marketplace, and the patience/ savvy to navigate the payment structure. You might lose money before you make any here.

How To Use It:

Professionals use this site to supplement income or make a living. Create a detailed profile, and bid on projects related to your skill set. There are four tiers of membership, the lowest of which is free. The differences between levels of membership are largely in the number of bids allowed, percentage of associated fees, and number of portfolio items and skill sets you are allowed to show to employers. You are restricted to a certain amount of bids per month or you must upgrade to the next level. This is tough because landing jobs often requires a lot of bids.

Whereas many other freelancing marketplaces charge a simple commission or percentage of completed work, Freelancer charges non-refundable fees for every project you accept. Upon accepting a project Freelancer takes money straight out of your Pay Pal or bank account.  to boast,

  • Being one of the world’s largest freelancer marketplaces means a never-ending amount of projects to bid on.
  • Sign up and bidding can be started quickly and easily.
  • Easily navigated interface with lots of features.
  • Being charged before completing work means owing money regardless of whether or not you get paid.
  • They will nickel-and-dime you with hidden or unexpected costs. Having an inactive profile for too long incurs a fee, converting currencies converts a fee, and so on.
  • Issues with payment and charges are often slow to be solved, or can end in a convoluted mess.
  • There are many options to upsell that are not immediately obvious. Accidentally clicking on the wrong link can add more charges to your account quickly.
  • One of the world’s largest platforms means an immense amount of competition, which often results in a race to the bottom involving rates.
  • Watch out for scams and spam from other users. For example, be wary of files sent to you through chat when discussing projects. When in doubt, scan them with a virus detector first. 
Things To Know:
  • When starting out you will likely have to do jobs for little money to get good reviews. Reputation and reviews are even more important than portfolios in the beginning.
  • Never invest time without a funded milestone. The amount of money that you ask the customer to give upfront varies according to the size of the project, but you should always have enough money in an unreleased milestone to justify the work you’ve done up to that point. This is a precaution to make sure you get paid for your work just in case the project falls through during a later stage.
  • With few exceptions, we don’t generally recommend sites that require you to pay in order to work. Other platforms typically do not require monthly fees, or that you pay up front. In our opinion you will likely have a better experience on platforms more specialized to your niche. If you’re determined to stick with a large freelance marketplace, People Per Hour might be a better solution.
  • While there are always horror stories regarding large, global websites, the ones we’ve heard about Freelancer are particularly strong, and don’t necessarily seem to be the outliers. The reviews of this site generally range from “good, but flawed,” to downright disgust.


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7 reviews

  1. Excellent Review - Definitely stay away from

    I’ve done a few jobs on over the past few weeks and that site had to hands down be one of the worst I’ve ever been on. Besides the monetary schemes they pull, a lot of the files are laced with viruses and should be scanned with first before opening them. If at all possible, stay away from Freelancer at all costs and find a more quality website.

  2. Freelance has become the worst place to get the Projects. There are many profiles – which are fake and who are posting fake projects.

  3. Left horrified.

    I had one great client for my first gig, and then it got ugly. The next client insisted that I contact them outside the platform. I didn’t read through all the terms and conditions (which I am pedantic about now!) and they duped me out of hundreds of dollars. I almost stopped my career as a freelance writer. I kept going, but I decided not to go back to Freelancer. It just doesn’t feel safe.

  4. Bad experience

    I created a profile in Freelancer but after posting some bids, I didn’t get any work. Also, I started to be charged for a kind of buying credits to get jobs.. that I didn’t get.

    I left the platform.

  5. freelance experience

    I used Freelancer and start to work to a desing studio how saw in this plataform.
    Being a freelancer is not a simple task, but once you have crossed the obstacles, if you organize and manage everything, it is possible. Every effort has its reward just have to propose!

  6. terrible platform

    I never got a job in this platform, though I tried for a long time. Six months without results. I was always bidding, only to get bad responses, no response, or clients who wanted to lower my rates way too much. After 9 months I quite entirely. The design isn’t intuitive at all, you get so few credits to bid with… etc. I don’t recommend Freelancer to anyone.

  7. With a bit of work you will always find what you need

    I hired on Freelancer. Wide range of freelancers that can cover your needs from smaller as well as bigger projects. It might take some trial and error to find the right person to work with, so I would recommend starting of with small well defined parts of the job after which you can check progress and quality before you fully commit bigger projects. I do think that the platform grew so massive that it becomes harder and harder to find good people. I think its very hard for a standalone freelancer to stand out and the ones who do can’t take that many jobs. I suspect a large part of the jobs will end up at developments factories.

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