Fundamentals of Travel Blogging

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Travel Blog Success’s flagship course is an online course and community with best practices and guidance for creating your own indie travel blog.

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Show Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – The Foundation of Your Travel Blog

Before you write your first posts, it’s important to lay a solid foundation for your blog. Even if you’re a long-time blogger, these lessons are a good reminder to re-focus on your goals and niche for greater travel blogging success.

  • Start Here: How to Take Full Advantage of Your Membership
  • Setting Your Vision: Identify Your InspirationFree Preview
  • Setting Your Vision: Harness Your Motivation
  • Setting Your Vision: Defining Your Goals
  • Choosing a Niche: Find Your Place in Travel Blogging
  • Choosing a Niche: Additional Considerations
  • How to Pick a Winning Domain

Module 2 – The Technical Setup of Your Travel Blog

Lessons that provide guidance on issues of hosting, content management, and setting up the right software to make your travel blog successful.

  • Hosted Versus Self-Hosted Travel Blogs: What’s the Difference?
  • How to Choose a Web Host For Your Travel Blog
  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • Blog Security: How to Protect Your Content
  • How and Why to Back Up Your Blog

Module 3 – How to Create Great Travel Blog Content

At the heart of your travel blog is the written content you create. These lessons will cover the important parts of creating great travel blog content and helping reach your audience.

  • Writing Scannable Blog Content
  • Telling Effective Travel Stories
  • Finding Your Voice through Your Travel Blog
  • Building a Community Through Your Travel Blog
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimization Basics

Module 4 – Other Forms of Travel Blog Content

In addition to written content, you can produce other types of content on your travel blog. These lessons cover some of those other types of media and travel blog content.

  • Using an Email Newsletter to Promote Your Travel Blog
  • The Art of Photography on Your Travel Blog
  • The Opportunity of Videography on Your Travel Blog
  • The Potential for Podcasts & Audio on Your Travel Blog

Module 5 – Promoting Your Travel Blog

Once you start creating content, it’s important to consider how and where to promote your work. Dive into these lessons to learn the basics, strategies, and best practices for common promotional channels.

  • An Introduction to Promotion for Your Travel Blog
  • Building Community by Sharing Content: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Where Social Meets Search: Pinterest, YouTube, and Others
  • Build Your Brand 24 Hours at a Time: Snapchat & Instagram Stories
  • Examples of Different Travel Blog Promotion Strategies

Module 6 – Building Toward Success with Your Travel Blog

This final module covers measuring your success, branching beyond your blog, and looks forward to developing your blog in more advanced topics. Congratulations on completing the course!

  • Setting Up Google Analytics to Track Success
  • Making Google Analytics Work For Your Blog
  • Freelance Writing Beyond Your Travel Blog
  • Congrats! You’ve Completed the Fundamentals Course!


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