GTP rewards website and app with many options.

GrabPoints is a rewards website that pays users to complete various tasks such as taking surveys, reading articles, listening to the radio, watching videos, making videos, downloading apps, post about them on your social media, etc. Grabpoints is generally thought to not be quite as good as Swagbucks, but still useful for all of the same reasons.

Recommended For:

Like all GTP (Get Paid To) sites, anyone who doesn’t mind doing some repetitive tasks on their laptop or smartphone to earn small amounts of side cash quickly. Do not expect to make large amounts here.

How To Use It:

Sign up to the website, download the app, and play with the tasks in your account. From sign up onwards you’ll earn points which you can redeem as cash into you Paypal account. When you get to 3000 points you can redeem $5.00 dollars.

  • Very easy to use.
  • Great mobile app.
  • A good range of reward options.
  • Occasionally receive free points.
  • Flexibility in simplicity – many tasks take less than five minutes, or even one minute, to complete.
  • There aren’t as many daily tasks once you master the site.
Things To Know:
  • There are both unpaid and paid offers on this site. Many of the paid offers require you to sign up for a free trial of something, or purchase a product. If you do sign up for any free trials, absolutely make sure to cancel before they charge you.

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2 reviews

  1. Totally agree easy to use and flexible to work with

    I have worked with this app for the last couple of weeks and it is better than others i have used. Because of where i live i cannot use swagbucks they ssy it is better than this one yet cannot try the other one to comment about it. Having an account in GrabPoints is to review apps, read and share articles, listen to the radio, play games, watch videos, fill out surveys and such. Good thing also is that you get free points on a daily basis so thats a pretty good incentive.

  2. Too much time, too little chance to earn money

    I am not satisfied with this app. It seems that you have a lot different opportunities, but none of them works well. The offered surveys are never available, I haven’t managed to complete one for 1 months. You need to share the articles at least on one network to receive some very few points, and the articles are always from the same topic, so you don’t want to share it everyday. You really need to watch a whole video, because the promo code needed for claiming points usually appears somewhere in the middle of the video, and also need to leave a comment and share is.
    All together in my opinion it doesn’t worth the time. Comparing the time and energy to the money that you may earn with it, it doesn’t worth it.

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