Deliver items internationally while traveling.

Grabr is a peer to peer international delivery service in which travelers deliver items from one part of the world to shoppers in another. Shoppers can either post requests for items they want from other parts of the world, or browse to see what travelers are already carrying with them. Similarly, travelers either browse to see what shoppers are already asking for, or post items they can bring. Cheese, clothes, electronics, etc are just a couple of the basic or luxury items frequently delivered between countries through Grabr.

Award amounts are agreed on between travelers and shoppers. The minimum reward is $5.

Recommended For:

The wanderlust-filled with extra space in their bags.

How To Use It:

Creating an account as a traveler is easy and free. You can browse grab offers from shoppers or make a posting yourself. You can sign up for alerts to relevant offers.

Once contact between you and a buyer is made, agree on the award amount for delivering the item, and arrange for a time and place to meet. A buyer pays once the order is confirmed, but the money is held by Grabr in an escrow system until you successfully deliver. You will need to use your own funds to purchase items, but will have a full reimbursement along with your reward once delivery is made. Buyers cannot cancel once an order is en route. If they don’t show up when you arrive, you still get paid.

You can also apply to be a part of the Travel Squad, which is a sort of elite courier club. Grabr pays for your trip, and you bring a higher bulk of items to different locations. Acceptance to this program can take some time and availability to new members varies.

Best practice: If you really want to make money with Grabr, bring a lot of items at once to a location with high demand. Five bucks for a quick delivery is nice, but in some cases it’s possible to cover the costs of your entire trip. Regions with the highest traffic are South East Asia, Latin America, and Russia, though there are orders in other regions as well.

  • Travelers earn for delivering items to locations they are likely already going to anyways, and shoppers get goods at the original price.
  • It’s possible to pick up many items and deliver them in one place, maximizing earnings. Grabr encourages this, displaying how much you can earn by delivering to different cities. Grabr claims that travelers have been known to cover the costs of their entire trip delivering with their service.
  • Travelers can negotiate their reward beforehand, which is handy when delivering hard to obtain or expensive items.
  • There’s a peer rating system, meaning you can choose to pick shoppers or travelers others have already vouched for.
  • Well designed, easy to use platform.
  • You must have the money up front to buy items in order to deliver and get paid.
  • Grabr doesn’t have a large community yet, the service is rather new. The service seems to be largely focused on movement between a couple of key regions.
Things To Know:
  • It’s highly recommended to look up customs fees for the countries you are traveling to, and include them in your delivery offer. Grabr encourages you to contact their support if there is an unexpected fee, so they can contact the shopper and ask them to cover it.
  • First payment takes 7 days after delivery. After that all payments take 3-4 days.
  • Be aware of situations in which complicated logistics could creep into the equation. Get very clear directions for finding the item, and where to find the buyer. GPS is your friend.


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58 reviews

  1. Grabr to travel.

    Grabr is a great way to travel for free If you are organized enough !
    Two weeks of work to find buyers to deliver items in the country of your destination can pay your airplane tickets.
    Cons: A lot of patience into it ! haha

  2. Get Paid to Deliver Items with Grabr

    Grabr has not only added a monetary benefit to my travels, but has also allowed me to meet locals more easily, spend time talking with them individually, and learn more about the destination I am visiting through them.

    The messaging platform within Grabr is great for communicating about the item and details. Even though the traveler has to pay upfront for the item they are delivering – credit card points add up from the purchases made! I have delivered items to Peru, Brazil, and Argentina and never got paid late in the end.

    Amazon Prime items are the best for fast shipping and tracking. Make sure you check the possible taxes before you accept a reward. If the taxes are higher than expected, you can easily snap a photo and increase the reward to cover it. I’ve had to stay on top of that since it’s easy to forget – especially on electronics.

    All the shoppers I have met have been so appreciative – they can’t get the items they ask for easily in their countries!

    If you can do it, test it out even for one or two items on your first trip. You will realize it’s easier than you think.

  3. 100% safety way to buy thing around the world

    Absolutely a new way to bring the items needed. Always a trusted traveler ready to bring your Grab ASAP and safety. Just pay the item price + reward for traveler and wait until they come to your city.

  4. Genial

    Que bien que hayan hecho este sistema! Va a ayudar a que sea más fácil traerse cosas del exterior

  5. if you need something, grabr it!

    If there is something you need from another country then grabr is the solution. You will get your goods quickly and cheaply and they are always delivered by great people that want to know your culture and city.

    The platform is great, as it has everything you need to contact your traveler, great and quick support from grabr team and also it is super easy and friendly to use.

  6. Great experience

    Talk to your traveller and work things out about how and where to buy, so there’s no misunderstandings, and it will all go smoothly! Currently waiting for my grab and super excited! 🙂

  7. Grabr is awesome

    Grabr is awesome! I use it all the time to shop overseas. The travelers are really kind

  8. At first I wasn’t sure about the site, but when i started using it, I was astonished! Such an awesome way to know local people, get items you can t get in your country and bring happiness for everyone! I totally love Grabr, will keep using it for a long time, as a traveler and as a shopper too!

  9. Very Fast & Secure

    El producto que solicité me llego en pocos días y ahora estoy planeando mi proximo financiamiento a Estados Unidos y traerle cosas a gente de mi país (Argentina) =)

    Google Traslator:

    The product I requested arrived in a few days and now I am planning my next financing to the United States and bring things to the people of my country (Argentina) =)

  10. Great Deal

    Awesome peer to peer solution for item shipping to countries with incomplete markets.

  11. Overall great experience!

    I’ve been using Grabr for a couple months by now, and overall it’s been a great experience! I’ve purchased different things, from a turntable to sneakers, at prices that are much, much better than any other similar services. Plus, it’s really easy to coordinate with the traveler. And each time that I had to cancel or the item that I requested was unavailable, I received my money back almost immediately. So far I’ve met fantastic people! Looking forward to continue using Grabr!

  12. Grabr the best!!!

    Excellent, I’ve already made four orders and they all arrived very fast and as agreed. I paid a value 3 times cheaper than the values ​​here in Brazil.

    Excelente, já fiz quatro pedidos e todos chegaram muito rápido e conforme combinado. Paguei um valor 3 vezes mais barato em relação aos valores aqui do Brasil.

  13. It makes my life easier

    Very good, the only thing they have to do is to hurry up with the Android app. Thats all!

  14. Awesome!

    Graber is just a great idea that is perfectly executed! When I got my first order in my hands I still couldn’t believe it. I will keep buying through their site 😀

  15. Best thing ever!!

    I live in Argentina where we have a ridiculous tax system for importing even the most insignificant pendrive, so ever since I’ve heard about Grabr I can have access to all I want as most civilized countries do.
    Three packages already delivered on time and I’m waiting for 4 more!!!

  16. Excellent

    Grabr is the best way to buy things from another countries! I really recommend it. 100% effective and secure.

  17. You will be able to receive things without all that burocratic stuff of custom houses, also for much less money. And support is awesome, they inform you super detiled and cleary about the system, the web is definitely pleasant, and they will also help you a lot with tips. Coolest app of my year and the one to come!

  18. Excelente plataforma

    Excelente plataforma para comprar productos a mitad de precio que en el país de origen. He realizado 11 compras sin ningún inconveniente y tengo 2 más en camino. Pro: viajantes confiables y muy amables, el soporte técnico responde todas las consultas rápidamente. Contra: tardan mucho los viajeros en responder las consultas, por lo que genera incertidumbre a la hora de comprar y recibir los pedidos. Estoy satisRecomiendo la página!!

  19. Amazing service

    I’ve used shopped through Grabr almost 20 times so far and I will continue to use their service. Thanks to Grabr I now have access to products that were inaccessible to me before due to the heavy import restrictions in my country. I’ve bought from electronic devices to clothes to beauty products and everything has always arrived in perfect condition, plus I get to meet people from other countries.

  20. Highly recommended

    Such a great service, I would definitely recommend it specially for small overpriced items.

  21. Great experience

    I’ve been using Grabr for a few months and it’s great because I can get things for a reasonable price that don’t exist here. It’s a clever app and I will continue using it.

  22. Genial!!

    El producto que solicité me llego en pocos días y ahora estoy planeando mi proximo financiamiento a Estados Unidos y traerle cosas a gente de mi país (Argentina) =)

  23. Amazing communication mechanism, enhances communication.

    Such a great service, I would definitely recommend it, specially for small overpriced items. The system Grabr has makes sure both sides take responsibility for the order. It helps ensure every order is delivered and every traveler receives their commission. Having dealt with a recent traveler regarding a purchase, I can testify that the communication mechanism allows both parts to be constantly updated on the tracking and state of the purchase. I will definitely use it again.

  24. Great web!

    Pros: it gives facilities for People like us in South América to buy in websites that we’re not included in their range.
    Cons: they are taking to much time in the android app development.

  25. Grabr, A great website!

    I love grabr, since I discovered the website I’ve been able to buy a lot of things that aren’t available in my country, also lots of travelers always making offers 🙂 I have been using it for a while now and although sometimes the travelers who work for Grabr don’t answer your questions right away they never disappointed me, all my items were delivered fine. I already bought a projector, 4 cellphones, a ps4 and I’m planning on buying more 🙂

  26. Awasome experience!!

    I had the best experience using grabr, just bought a camera and everything was perfect, grabr took care about money and track my order!!

  27. grabr the best service

    Record is a great platform, interconnects travelers from so many countries .. I can get products that by other means could not bring to my country .. this is so great!

    I have been able to bring products for my business because for a little money I can bring many things and make a lot more money … thanks grabr for existing!

  28. The Grabr is very good

    The Grabr is very good both for travelers and pros buyers, congratulations to the developers

  29. Ótimo para economizar!


    Encontrei o Grabr por acaso. Fiz meu cadastro e de cara já ganhei um cupom de 10 dólares. Resolvi testar para ver se era realmente verdade. Minha primeira compra foram dois moletons, no Brasil eles custavam absurdos… mas pelo Grabr comprei 2 pelo preço de 1! Gostei e continuo comprando, roupas, brinquedos, tudo vale muito a pena. Conheci vendedores dispostos a ajudar, e isso só me deixa mais feliz por ter encontrado um site tão bom como esse. Espero que eu possa continuar desfrutando desses benefícios e aproveitando essa oportunidade única de economizar. Muito obrigada aos criadores desse site!

    Os vendedores demoram a aceitar as ofertas, então é preciso um pouco de calma. Fora isso, não vejo nada de ruim!

  30. Great service, easy to use

    I’ve used Grabr as a shopper twice and both experiences have been fantastic. I got products that I am unable to find in my country at a very reasonable price. The idea behind the platform is really good and it provides a very valuable service. The user interface is very well done and it is very easy to use; I even convinced my 64 year old father who is always suspicious of these things to give it a try. I am going on vacation to the US next year and I’m looking forward to becoming a Grabr traveller and making some money bringing products for people in my country while making some extra money.

  31. Unconditional love for Grabr

    I have more than 100 orders delivered and I have never had any problems. Travelers are very friendly and are always willing to help. Where I live I do not always get all things, for example vegan vitamins and free cruelty stuff to wash clothes or makeup. Thanks to grabr I was able to better my health and use products that fit my lifestyle.
    I am very grateful to Grabr and how well it works, not only with their travel squad but also with Argentine travelers who use the application.

  32. Fantastic!

    If you need a unique item or that in your country is more expensive, you can count on the help of a traveler in transit and order your item through the “Grabr”.
    Simple, easy and totally safe.
    I was looking for cameras for installation in my residence. Searching the applications in the “grabr” I identified a request for a traveler from a “Home Wireless Ip Security Surveillance”
    I started searching Amazon and I identified that camera would suit me very well. I would not need to buy those cameras that need to connect to the recording center.
    I made an advertisement on “grabr” with the Amazon link of the product I was interested in. I received the proposal from a traveler who was traveling from NYC (USA) to SP (BRAZIL). I accepted the proposal and waited for the travel time. Close to arrival, we chatted through WhatsApp to arrange the day and time of withdrawal.
    To take advantage of the same trip, I made a request for a micro sd to use with this camera. I did not find in Brazil a micro sd development exclusively for use in surveillance cameras. I found here in Brazil some conventional cards and the prices were not very attractive.
    I made an announcement for this item as well and combined it with the same traveler to bring it along with the camera. The traveler accepted and made a proposal that I accepted.
    I made the trip to a coffee shop in SP and the traveler delivered the product. The product was in perfect condition with a protective packaging to protect the product.
    As the delivery was successful and according to my request, I made the confirmation on the “grabr” website. Only after this action the traveler has the money released.

    I intend to make purchases regularly after discovering this economic option.

  33. Simple and pratical

    Think of something you need.
    Is it possible to bring it in a suitcase? Can a traveler in transit bring him?
    Then, you can request the item “in grabr” and wait for a traveler to make a proposal to take your product.
    Simple and practical, and extremely safe.
    I needed a security system for my residence. I would not like an alarm with the need of monthly payment to an insurer (operator). I started looking for an alarm with presence sensors. In addition the ideal that the alarm sent alert via SMS in case of violation of the monitored environment. Aiming for greater flexibility would not like an internet-connected system and totally dependent on electric power. In case of failure of the internet or the electric power system, I would still like to remain protected with the system.
    I started a search on Amazon and found an item that met all my requirements. I found similar products in my country, but they were more expensive. The item I found on Amazon had a considerable amount of sensors.
    Once I chose the template that met my need, I made an announcement on the site “grabr”. Soon a traveler who was scheduled to fly to Brazil made a proposal to bring my item. I negotiated with the traveler to improve his proposal (commission). He accepted, made a new proposal and I accepted it.
    The traveler made the purchase of the product. I waited for the combined date of the flight and combined pick up at the hotel where I was staying in the central region of SP.
    My experience was very good. The product was exactly what I had requested. After receiving the product, I made the confirmation of receipt on the website. After this process the traveler has the money released. As long as you do not take this action, the traveler does not get paid. A safe procedure for 2 participants.

  34. Great way to reduce travel costs

    Great service for some countries, where access to some products is restricted or expensive. Since you can get many items in your luggage good money is to be made, and it can help to reduce some of your travel costs (ie. pay for hotel rooms, food). You can choose what items to deliver, so you can opt not to deliver some heavy or big items.

  35. Good service

    Grabr is shortening distances around the world and helping a lot of people to save money. It is really helpfull when shopping because I can buy things with a more accessible price. Grabr is great for those who want to save money when shopping and for those that want to make money when travelling. My experience with Grabr has been really good so far.

  36. Um novo estilo de compra!

    O Grabr tem possibilitado compras a preços mais acessíveis, com fácil comunicação entre as pessoas envolvidas, além de o site ter um layout de fácil entendimento e utilização. O que foi mais importante para a minha utilização do site foi a responsabilidade entre ambos os envolvidos no processo de envio e entrega do recebimento. Com certeza uma nova forma de compra e economia para alguns países em que o acesso ao produto é caro ou não chega.

  37. In love with Grabr

    Grabr is the best page to buy things from other countries. I found out that is very easy to ask someone to buy the product you want. I’m from Argentina and here things are very expensive. Thanks to Grabr I bought from cellphones to clothes 50% cheaper than here. It’s 100% effective and secure because the traveler does not has the money until my confirmation that I have received my request in good conditions.
    Now I’m planning to buy more things in the next months!

  38. Great Experience

    I’ve used the platform a couple of times to buy electronics and other items that aren’t available in my country or that are ridiculously more expensive here. So far my experience has been excellent, the website is easy to use and secure. I have only used it as a shopper so far but I will become a traveller as soon as I go on vacation abroad, it is a great opportunity to make some extra cash and connect with new people from around the world.

  39. GRABR is very well

    I met Grabr by chance and since then I have not stopped commenting with my friends and family, soon I will make my first request I am very anxious, In addition to what is a great service for some countries, where access to some products is restricted or expensive. Since you can get many items in your luggage, it is necessary to make good money, and this can help to reduce some of the travel costs (eg pay for hotel rooms, food). Congratulations to the developers !!!

  40. Hi! Exceptional app work, keep the good job you are doing!!

    I guess the world is changing everyday and we got it all online, we can buy products from all over the planet and different places

    Still believing in trust about clients and vendors!

    Money isn’t everything but is for everybody

    Day after day we look to win, but loses make us see and recognize mistakes, on the road to sucess, you will be on the ground and at the top the same time, wake up glorify the sun is a new day!

  41. Amazing Idea!

    It’s a great way to let people from other countries who can’t get the items they want because of their own policies, finally be able to buy them at a fair price!
    For example, in Argentina, we don’t have most of the international clothing brands that are in the rest of the world, especially the U.S., and clothes here are so much more expensive, and their quality is really poor, so the only way to get clothes from these brands, is to buy them from someone who brings it here on their own, but they charge you more than double of the price! Same thing goes with technology (computers, smartphones, etc.) So Grabr is the solution! You can get your product at a reasonable price!
    It’s amazing, thank you.

  42. Amazing experiencie!

    Super trusted travellers and buyers. Everything here works perfect! From the beggining till the end, you have a great working team. The app is flawless and limitless. You have to start right now! Buying or travelling. I’ve been doing this for 5 months and I’m glad I did it. The platform allows you to make some good money in a short trip in such an easy way.

  43. The best idea to shopp ever

    I’ve been using Grabr for a couple months by now, and overall it’s been a great experience! I’ve purchased different things, from a computer to a bag pack and other stuff.
    Grabr gives us the chance to get what we like at prices that are much better than other services.
    Plus, it makes it really easy to coordinate with the traveler, and you get the chance to meet new people from around the world.

  44. Usei o Grabr algumas vezes e não me arrependi! Meus pedidos sempre chegaram em ordem e como combinado. O site é facil de usar, e poder se comunicar com o comprador/viajante quando quiser é um plus! Isso ajuda a nao ter erros e combinar de que loja ou site voce quer que seu produto seja comprado. Recomendo! 🙂


    I’ve been using it for almost 6 months and already ordered bunch of stuff, with super fast delivery, secure payment and handling and most important of all: AMAZING PEOPLE DOING ALL THIS WORK. Everything is so easy with GRABR. I cannot stop using it and recommending it. Give it a try, for real! You can buy from snacks or TVS from the country you want, and get it delivered to your city.

  46. Amazing service and great experience!

    Grabr is an amazing service, it gives access to products with shipment restricted to my country. Safe and very trustful, all products arrived with quality and I also can meet new travelers from all over the world.

    I’m in my third purchase and all experience has been excellent. Grabr is now my favorite way to buy online overseas.

  47. Primeras compras con Grab

    Soy un comprador nuevo en el Area asi que puedo relatar las cosas buenas, como las malas con las que me encontre:

    1. Si uno tiene en cuenta el valor de los envios nacionales, mas las tasas aduaneras, como en el caso de Argentina donde son muy altas, el servicio de Grab es altamente competitivo y barato.
    2. Es muy rapido el tiempo en que uno pone una oferta y surgen viajadores,
    3. El soporte tecnico es GENIAL! e inclusive en Español, tuve algunos inconvenientes y me lo solucionaron en menos de 24 HS.

    1. Algunos usuarios (como por ejemplo Rachel) aceptan ofertas demasiado rapido sin analizar temas como peso o tamaño y luego te terminan rechazando el producto, y hay que esperar varios dias en que el dinero del refund se acredite nuevamente en la tarjeta de credito.
    2.- Otros usuarios tardan demasiado en hacer las compras, y cuando la hacen el producto subio de precio y se trunca la transaccion. Me ha pasado de comprar algo un lunes y que el producto, lo compre el viajante recien el viernes y ya habia cambiado el precio.

    Deberian contemplar la posibilidad de exigirle al viajante que una vez aceptada una oferta deben comprar el producto dentro de 24 Hs.

    Fuera de eso el servicio es INCREIBLE. Super recomendable.

  48. 100% reliable

    Grabr is a great way to earn money while travelling abroad. Your purchase is secured and you have a great support team. Ideal for countries with custom restrictions, like Argentina. You can get products from other countries for a great price.

    Do not hesitate to participate as a traveller or buyer. Grabr is a great community making your life easier. 100% reliable.

    Expecting for Android app!

  49. Real nice app

    ‪O aplicativo parece ter uma proposta boa. Estou usando pela primeira vez e até agora não tenho outras reclamações. Dependo do item realmente comprar fora, mesmo pagando todas as taxas, pois aqui com os impostos nos produtos chegam a custar o dobro preço. Demorou cerca de um mês pra alguém fazer uma oferta no produto, se for caso de urgência talvez não seja muito útil utilizar o aplicativo, mas no meu caso que não tinha pressa compensou à espera.‬

  50. Best app ever!

    I’ve luckily been able to have items delivered to me and have delivered items when I went down to Buenos Aires.
    Here are my experiences:

    As a traveler delivering grabs: Great experience, they gave me tips as to how I should go about delivering items to those that had accepted my bids, and I was also promptly paid (no longer than a week). It was a great way for me to make some extra money simply by utilizing all that extra space I had left in my suitcase.

  51. Grab es un excelente servicio y de confianza

    In spanish: Hace poco utilizo el servicio de Grabr, pero la experiencia hasta el momento fue muy satisfactoria. Permanentemente en contacto con los viajeros para saber que tu pedido ya está comprado y en condiciones de ser entregado. Ademas, haces amigos y nuevo enlaces con los viajeros, para que ambas partes ganen dinero. El comprador ahorra con sus compras en USA y el viajero gana dinero extra por traer tu producto.

  52. Higly recommended!

    Been using this site since it was first coming to my country and so far it has been completely reliable, both on service and customer service!

    Pros: You can shop offers all around the world with competitive prices.
    You get to know travellers. You get a refound if you dont receive the grab.
    Cons: It may take a while until someone makes an offer. Communication with travellers is not always easy. There are some delays on delivery.

  53. Awesome platform!

    I live in brazil, and international products here are so expensive. Grabr makes things easier and cheaper, for who’s buying and who’s delivering by paying them (they usually makes a lot of expenses while traveling). The platform is also really easy to use and understand.

    I’ve already made a purchase and I plan to use the platform whenever I need something specific.

  54. Great way to make some cash and great way to get unavailable products

    Grabr is a useful and easy tool and app to get products delivered to you that are unavailable where you are! Also, a great way to make money when traveling! (I wish I thought about this app, I was so happy that this app exists!) Where I’m living it’s hard to find products that I like, shipping it was too expensive, and I spent countless hours searching for the products that they don’t carry here! Grabr saved me! The only con I can think of is that sometimes you have to wait for a bit for people that are coming your way! But, definatley well worth the wait, when you do get that notification and offer that someone is headed your direction! Great App!

  55. Grabr, a platform with a great future

    Grabr is a great platform to buy products that are difficult to get in your country. At first I was a bit skeptical about it so I made a small purchase to try it. It went over great, there weren’t any troubles and I got my product much cheaper in just a few weeks.
    Now that I know the service works and in a great way, I’ll move on to some bigger products (in price I mean).
    I’m surprised that it hasn’t a bigger community yet but it sure is to become an online services giant in the next few years.

  56. Excelente experiencia aún teniendo un inconveniente en la gestión de pago lo solucionaron rápidamente. El comprador muy amable y siempre en contacto. Ahora solo esperar a que llegue el regalo de Navidad para mi hija!

  57. Lifesaver when I lived abroad

    Grabr was so useful while I was living overseas. I had vital items I needed from back home in the US that I couldn’t purchase while living overseas. Through Grabr I was able to purchase these items.

    I also discovered some cool items from Spain that I ended up getting through Grabr as well.

  58. They steal traveler’s $

    Cons: they steal traveler’s $. You buy and deliver; they keep the shopper’s money. It’s been 3 months now! And no response from the company. They are the worst.

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