International freelance marketplace that's a little smaller than Upwork and Freelancer.

Guru is a large freelance marketplace comparable to Upwork and Freelancerwith pros and cons similar to other mega-sized freelance platforms. There is a large range of job categories to sell services under, with clients posting a variety of gigs worldwide. However, competition among freelancers to get those gigs is fierce, which means freelancer rates can plummet. Many freelancers bid for gigs offering little money until their profile builds up reviews.

Generally speaking, Guru has less posted gigs than the other mega-sized freelance platforms, but on average the work tend to be of higher quality and better pay.

Freelancers are required to sign up for a membership. The free option allows up to 120 bids per year, with Guru taking 8.95% of your earnings. To see different membership level costs and details, click here. Clients pay up front using an escrow system to ensure freelancers are compensated.

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2 reviews

  1. So far my experience with has been a positive one. Payment is prompt, no holding on to the payment like some other freelancer sites.

    The downside would be number of projects posted via their site and their high fees.

  2. Guru helped me get my first VA job

    The site is easy to navigate. They offer skills testing and certifications. You can use outside testimonials. You can create a portfolio of work that you have done outside of Guru.

    It’s a subscription service. You have to bid/compete for projects. Seems like most of the people looking for help, do not want to pay you what you are worth. Short application process. Monthly membership fee and they take 15% of your pay.

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