Primarily for traditional jobs, but also has a section for remote jobs.
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Indeed is an American worldwide employment related search engine. Since 2010 it has had the highest traffic out of any job board in the United States.

Indeed is primarily a job board for traditional jobs, but there is a Remote and Virtual Job section as well.

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2 reviews

  1. Indeed

    Indeed’s best advantage is that it has a lot of options to choose from. There’s work for everybody. However, this is also their biggest obstacle. The positions are not filtered at all, which means that there are a lot of scams. Consequently, your time can easily be wasted on this platform.

  2. Good traffic but not good in quality

    It is quite old-fashioned. Gets a lot of traffic however not quality candidates. Many candidates apply without even having small match for the position and there are also many positions that are fake.

    Also, job posting doesn’t allow you to design the posting or have it more interactive.

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