An easy to join, low paying content mill.

iWriter is relatively well-known content mill., in which clients request articles that writers promptly draft up. iWriter is one of the lower-hanging fruits of the online writing world. You can get started incredibly fast, but the pay is usually low.

Earnings depend on your rating and the article – the money here is in writing the elite and elite-plus level articles, which you have to build your profile in order to qualify for.

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3 reviews

  1. Big letdown

    This was my first interaction with a content mill and it ended up being one of the biggest let-downs of my writing career. I used to earn a steady income on the platform because there is a consistent inflow of work. I wrote an e-book for a client. I had 4 days to write it (there is a timer) and the client accepted it and paid for it. A few days later I got a message (while writing an article) that my account was closed due to an e-book refund. I was horrified and I’m still waiting for them to tell me what the quality control issues were.

  2. This was the worst writing experience of my life. Similar experience to Casandra, which makes me believe the site is just a scam. Rather opt for sites such as Constant Content and Article Bunny.

  3. Pros:
    – You choose the types of projects to work on.
    – Bi-weekly payment makes it great when you need instant cash.
    – Special Requests guarantee higher pay.
    – Work flow during the August and December Holidays.
    – Check content-originality before submission.

    – Very little work in January through to June/July.

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