Jump Send

Jump Send is an email automation and coupon distribution tool for Amazon sellers.

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  1. Low quality solution for giveaways

    This was rebranded after the ban of incentivized reviews by Amazon. Previously, it was a great way to quickly get reviews for your products by offering discounted products in exchange for reviews.

    Now, the tool serves as a way to get some additional sales, but the volume of sales is quite low. I do not think JumpSend has a very good base of purchasers – but it could just be for our niche/category.

    Overall, I think there are more innovative ways to kickstart a brand or a product on Amazon than relying on this service.

  2. ReviewKick is now JumpSend: No Longer A Powerful Tool For My Needs

    You WILL get sales if you list your products with big discounts. That’s good.

    BUT, the buyers don’t purchase through organic search… so your ranking doesn’t benefit. Now that ReviewKick, which initially was helpful for getting reviews, is JumpSend, where you are unlikely to get any reviews AND you don’t get help ranking higher… it’s not very useful for me.

    I tested this product thoroughly with 3 of my products. None of them showed any improvement. I had just given away lots of cheap units.

    If you’re just trying to get sales, and if you still make a profit running big discounts, then maybe this platform would be good for you.

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