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Jungle Scout is a tool for researching Amazon FBA products.

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  1. Great tool for speeding up product research

    JungleScout is the first tool I use for product research for finding new Amazon FBA private label products. I use this when I’m casually browsing Amazon, as well as when doing formal product research.

    There is a monthly subscription (web interface) and a Chrome plugin for Junglescout.

    Web interface: pulls data from a cache of Amazon products.

    Works in All Marketplaces (USA, EU, Japan, India, etc.)
    Allows investigation of many categories at once
    Quicker than the Chrome plugin
    FBA fees preview within the app

    Sales data sometimes inaccurate – always double check
    Monthly subscription

    Chrome Plugin:

    Works in All Marketplaces (USA, EU, Japan, India, etc.)
    Accurate Sales data
    FBA fees preview within the app
    Can be used when casually browsing Amazon
    Lifetime membership (at least when I got it…)

    Can be slower to use effectively, since the user has to actively search Amazon for products.

  2. Buy The Chrome Extension - Avoid The Web App Subscription

    The Chrome Extension – Incredible! Insanely valuable! I use it all the time. Every product I sell, I found using the JungleScout Chrome Extension. Pay the 1-time fee and GET IT! I remember years ago I asked someone “Do you think I should spend $70 to get this JungleScout software?”

    Now I can’t sell, find new product niches, or even live without it.

    BUT alas, sorry Greg Mercer, when you tried to transition JungleScout to also sell recurring subscription products, you may have added a more reliable revenue stream, but not more reliable products.

    Product Database – This was helpful for a short amount of time. Then you realize than 70% of the products are cell phone cases, cell phone cables, and clothing. Not things that a Private Label Amazon FBA seller is looking for. I paid for a 1 month subscription the the JungleScount Web App to test it. I DID find some nifty ideas, but… then I realized I’d looked through ALL 2,000 products that fit my parameters. (Most were repeats of the same product, or every. single. size. and. color. of. one. T-shirt. Each as it’s own ‘product’ in the database.) Totally useless after the first month, when I’d scanned all the products in the database. Sorry, it’s a small database.

    Niche Hunter – I had high hopes! Yes, this was exactly what I needed… Except that it finds the ‘Water Bottle’ niche and shows me 10 listings for Paracord Bracelets. Almost every ‘niche’ was filled with products that were clearly not in that niche. I don’t know how they made this mistake. I used this tool. I tried to find the value. I knew that a lot of software and coding went into it. But, unlike the Product Database, this wasn’t helpful even on day 1. They’ve compiled a lot of data, it’s searchable, it spits out ratings for different features and you can toggle a variety of options to see different selections of products, but as far as the execution and actual usefulness for a seller like me… it wasn’t any more useful than typing random searches into the Amazon Search Bar to find totally random niches.

  3. Plugin - I wouldn't be in business without it.

    Chrome Plugin
    I wouldn’t be in business without it. JS gives pretty accurate estimates of the sales data. Sometimes it’s off for, but largely it gets readjusted in a matter of weeks (checked against my own data.) It usually underestimates anyway and you still get a great feel for what products are worth looking into.
    Now it also gives you selling costs previews and profit data, which makes for much quicker research as well.

    The product tracker is nice, but you can do that yourself and it’s not worth paying any monthly subscription.
    The suggestions are nice, but like other researchers mentioned they’re usually not relevant/related. Definitely not worth a monthly subsription.I use Merchant Words instead.

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