Merchant Words

Find highly specific keyword phrases that make you more visable to buyers.

Merchant Words helps Amazon sellers find highly specific keyword phrases that help buyers find their products.

Subscription costs $30/ month for subscribers in the US and $60 globally.

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  1. MerchantWords Is Simple To Use And Is Incredibly Helpful For Finding New Products And Listing Copywriting

    I Love Merchant Words. I still have my $9/mo for life subscription, which is very worth it for me. Merchantwords is actually open on my computer right now.
    I use Merchantwords….
    1. When I’m writing sales copy for listings. It helps me see which keywords to add into my listings.
    2. When I’m brainstorming new products to sell. I can type in ‘Kitchen’ and then by skimming the results I’ll find 1,000 kitchen related items I could sell.

    I rate MerchantWords 5 Stars. It’s a simple tool. Simple to use. Simple to understand. Type in a search query, get 10,000 keywords (ranked from highest to lower volume) to give you ideas for products or to tell you exactly how to stuff keywords into your Amazon listings. 🙂 It’s been with me since the beginning and isn’t going anywhere.

    Simple to use and understand.
    Gives me the results I need fast.

    Now it looks like it costs $60/mo, which is way more than I pay. I got in with a $9/mo for life special offer.

  2. Cuts research time down by 80%

    Soooo worth it. It cuts my product research time by a 5th. The search volumes are fairly accurate (which is enough – the really accurate data you need is the sales data, and JS can get you that) so you get a great idea of where to start looking.

    The previous reviewer left a great description, so I won’t repeat myself here. Definitely recommended.

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