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Earn by chatting in English with students in China.
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Nice Talk Tutor is an app-based English tutoring platform that connects native English tutors with Chinese students. The platform largely revolves around conversation practice (No class prep required!), though tutors have the option of teaching simple lessons.

Nice Talk pays $0.17 per full minute of conversation, which comes out to $10/hr.

How To Use It

You will need to download the mobile app to apply. Pay close attention to the video aspect of your application – it’s often the deciding factor on what tutor applications are accepted or rejected.

Once accepted simply log on during Beijing peak hour times and wait for calls to come in. Calls can be slow in the beginning. Like many platforms, you will need to build a good tutor rating in order to get more work.

Earnings are automatically deposited weekly into your Paypal account if you have made at least $20.

Recommended For

English speakers who want to make some easy side cash chatting with Chinese students on their smartphone. Since $10/h is a decent rate in many countries, it’s possible to use this to fund many a journey, quest or global meandering.

  • You can choose to do a general chat roulette style conversation or select specific topic areas that you are willing and able to teach. The more you offer, the more students you will attract.
  • There is a $10 set rate, so no competing with other tutors with lower rates.
  • Low-stress environment – it’s just talking.
  • The app can be buggy, and tech support is often slow to respond. Persistence might be needed to get answers.
  • You must use the app – there is no option for your computer.
  • All your students are in China, so you will have to adjust for that time zone. Depending on location and schedule, the time difference can be inconvenient, especially to tutors based in the Americas.
Things To Know
  • If you have an iPhone, you will have to download the app directly from the Nice Talk Tutor website. Nice Talk is not available in Apple’s app store. You will also need to toggle an option in your Settings so your iPhone does not block the app.
  • Support is much more likely to respond if you email them directly with any questions or problems. Don’t even bother trying to comment through the app store.
  • So long as there are no technical glitches, in our experience this is an extremely useful app.


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  1. Pretty much dead

    This app is pretty much dead. The top earners are lucky to get 10-15 hours per week. You need to get to $20 to cash out so I still turn it on every once in a while to see if anyone calls me up. Sometimes I get maybe a 15 minute chat but that’s about it. Most days it’s pretty silent. Not worth signing up for if you haven’t already.

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