No Risk Matched Betting

A surprisingly straightforward way of earning money online, essentially for free. Only open to residents of Australia/ New Zealand, or the UK/ Ireland.

Matched betting is only available to those with residency and a bank account in Australia/ New Zealand, or the UK/ Ireland.


This listing is a little different than others on the Playground. Matched betting, as opposed to being a website where you can find remote work, is a lucrative method of earning money online for free. It’s safe, legal, and we tried it ourselves to make sure it wasn’t bogus.

Matched betting is a method of making a profit from free bets offered by bookmakers (online gambling sites). For example, to encourage signups and activity on their sites, bookmakers will often make free bet offers like this:

“Bet £30 with us and get a £30 bet for free!”

In a nutshell matched betting is a technique for withdrawing that €30 (or €20, or €50) free bet without actually risking your own money. After a couple simple steps you can simply take the €30 (minus a processing fee) as profit, and repeat the process across a number of sites.

If this were in any way risky, illegal, or otherwise sketchy, matched betting would go straight onto our Shit List. As it turns out, this is one of the easiest ways to make a good amount of side cash online quickly that we’ve come across so far.

How It Works

Here is the basic process. Links to detailed step by step guides are included at the end.

  1. Log onto a bookmaker that has a free bet offer (William Hill, for example). If we’re using the £30 example above, you’ll need to bet £30 (don’t worry, you’ll get this back in a moment) on an event, such as a soccer match. This qualifies you for the free £30 offer.
  2. Log onto a second bookmaker such as Bet Fair, and make a £30 bet against your first bet. If your first bet was that a team in England would win a match, then with the second bookmaker you make an equal bet that same team will lose. In gambling terms this is a “lay bet.”
  3. Wait for the end of the match, and tally the numbers up. Inevitably, on one site you gained £30, and on the other site you lost £30. Your bets cancel each other out, and the free bet is yours. Net profit: £30 (minus whatever processing fees the site happens to have).
  4. Rinse, wash, and repeat on all of the bookmakers that have free bet offers. There are a couple of important details we are intentionally leaving out, such as making sure the odds are the same on both bets. We’ve included links to guides below that have much more information than we have time for here.

Matched betting in the UK/ Ireland pool can bring in £500+ per month. In Australia/ New Zealand the winnings are much higher, bringing in $2,000 – $3,000 (AUD) from free bets gained on sign up bonuses and around $1,000 per month afterwards. In both cases, the amount you can earn depends on the number of free bets available, and how much those bets are worth.

Things To Know
  • Though you are placing bets, at no time are you actually gambling since your bets cancel out each other out. Nomad Playground does not endorse gambling as a sustainable earning strategy. If gambling is something you enjoy, go for it, it’s your money. But here on the Playground we publish sites and strategies that are proven to be safe and consistent, and community members rate them according to their own experiences. We’re comfortable publishing matched betting because, if done correctly, there is no risk involved.
  • The bookmakers don’t seem to mind. A spokesman for William Hill has been quoted saying as much. Why they don’t particularly care is a matter of speculation, but evidently to them a free bet is a free bet, and you can do with it whatever you like.
  • If you are outside the country in which you are doing matched betting, you will need a high quality VPN.
Guides and resources:

The details of what sites you use and how much you can earn vary depending on what country you’re in. These are the matched betting resources we recommend:

  • For Australia/ NZ, we recommend Matched Betting Oz. Dave, the founder, is a digital nomad himself, a friend of the Playground, and has used this method to fund his own world travels.
  • For the UK/Ireland, Matched Betting Blog is the way to go. In addition to regular matched betting, this site also includes some advanced methods for those who want to squeeze out more profits.

Both sites include calculators and keep up to date on where the best free bets are.


That’s our intro to No Risk Matched Betting! For advanced questions check out either of the guides above.


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  1. Matched Betting Article

    Stumbled upon your review and thought I would add to it! =)
    I started matched betting in the UK and ended up living in Thailand for a year doing it before heading over to Aus!
    It definitely is a great earner if done correctly!
    In the UK I was introduced to like you said in your article, and in Australia I came across who were also great. Many choices out there!
    As long as everyone is matched betting and making profit then all good!
    Cheers !

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