Nomad List/ #nomads

List of the best cities to live and work in remotely, and a community platform
What They Are:

Nomad List is a ranked list of cities to live in for digital nomads that also links to a community platform (#nomads), and a variety of other functions. Cities are graded according to metrics like cost of living, internet speeds, nightlife, safety, quality of work spaces, etc.

Recommended For:

Anyone who wants to connect with nomads, or who is looking for information about the livability of different cities around the world for location independent lifestyles.

How To Use It:

Aspects of the site like the city ratings can be accessed for free. To unlock all of the features – such as contacting other members, participating in forums, etc. – a paid membership is  required.

  • Nomad List is popular and has a thriving community. You will find other nomads to connect with here, guaranteed.
  • Links to other useful resources, such as a remote job board, lists of nearby co-working spaces, and more.
  • For paying members, bugs such as being able to log in to one part of the site but not others have been known to happen, and responses from support can be slow or unhelpful. Persistence may be needed to solve any issues.
  • Nomad List’s numbers of members present in various locations can be misleading. City profiles – while very good at giving grades – are not always indicative of whether a city has a nomad community within it. It’s possible to show up expecting other nomads and find tons. It’s also possible to show up… and hear crickets.
Things To Know
  • This is one of the more commonly recommended digital nomad networking and forum websites due to it’s popularity. If you’re thinking of dropping money for a monthly subscription on a DN community but aren’t sure which site to choose, this is a good choice.


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