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A prominent online translation service.

One Hour Translation is one of the internet’s largest translation services. OHT pays translators (you) to complete assignments that they post and serves as the middle man between clients and translators.

For the “Regular Languages” category, OHT pays about $.05 a word for “general translations,” and ~$.09 a word for “expert translations.” Translators in the “Exclusive Languages” category earn $0.11/word for “general,” and $.14/word for “expert.” Your overall earnings depend on your speed. To see what language pairs are Regular or Exclusive click here.

Recommended For:

This is not a website for total beginners, you’ll need professional translating skills here. Be aware that the amount of work fluctuates widely depending on language pair.

How To Use It:

Register as a translator, list your language pairs, and upload your CV. Make sure your profile is well-presented. You’ll have to pass a 60 minute test to become a certified translator and get work. There are different “badges” you can earn (bronze, silver, and gold) for completing larger and larger amounts of work. Translators with gold badges receive more work and earn more.

You will be expected to finish jobs quickly. OHT boasts its members can translate a 200 word page in an hour, though this is not the rate you’ll be expected to translate at. Clients have to pay extra to get the super fast service. You’ll typically be given around 30 minutes per ~75 words to get your work done.

  • Strong community for sharing advice and experiences with other members.
  • Over 75 different languages offered.
  • Support is very fast and 24/7.
  • You might not get much work, even if you translate in a desired language pair.
  • There are complaints of underperforming translators who give a bad name to the rest.
Things To Know:
  • Be VERY fast to accept translation jobs when they are posted, as they will be taken by someone else in a matter of minutes.
  • Specializing in a certain area is a general rule of thumb in translation work, and OHT is no different. Business, legal, high tech, and marketing are examples of some of the niches you can fill on OHT.
  • Do a perfect job on time every time – do not submit sloppy work. OHT has an internal rating system that affects which offers they send you. This is a rule for all translation work, but the personal risk is definitely greater here compared to other sites.


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1 review

  1. A slow-paced way to eventually earn a lot.

    Some translators live exclusively off of this site, but it has taken them at least a year to build up their reputation in order for them to do so – depending on your language pair’s traffic it could be less.

    Personally I couldn’t be more satisfied with their service.

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