Opinion Bar

A paid survey site that invites participants via email.

Opinion Bar is a paid survey site that sends you invitations to their surveys via email. You’ll have to answer some questionnaires in order to start, and the amount of invitations you get a month depends will depend on how many surveys they have for your demographic. The types of surveys you take are varied.

Pay is €1 per survey, and the minimum for you to withdraw earnings is €10. Opinion Bar claims they pay €1 – €50 per survey, but we have yet to see a survey that pays more than €1.50.

Recommended For:

Side cash.

How To Use It

Free to sign up – make sure to fill your profile out well, as it affects what surveys you get.

At the beginning of each survey there are always some extra questions to establish if you are the right target group. Sometimes it’s around 2/3 questions, and you get screened out if you don’t match. Other times it takes around 6/7 questions or more, so time can be spent only to find out you don’t qualify for the survey. If you get screened out they give you 10 cents as a reward. This can obviously be a little frustrating.

  • €1 is better than a lot of paid survey sites.
  • Low pay out rate.
  • Having variety in survey types makes filling them out less monotonous.
  • Occasionally the website has glitches or errors and doesn’t load properly. Refreshing sometimes helps, but sometimes it results in losing the survey.
  • They don’t always send you notifications for available surveys. If you aren’t getting emails it’s worth checking the site to see if there is anything available.
Things To Know
  • Some of the surveys can be quite long and include videos with commercials in them.
  • At times, for extremely short surveys, they’ll pay 50 cents instead of a euro.
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3 reviews

  1. Good pay out, worthy of your time.

    I’ve been using Opinionbar for a couple of years now and it has been the website where I make the most money with. They always pay out on time and 1 euro per survey is the most I have found so far. I think it’s worth using!


  2. I signed up a month ago and still no paid survey. i think it’s fake


  3. opionbar is the best paid site above all others

    I have already paid out more than 6 times by opionbar. No problems here from the Netherlands.

    The paid fast and the paid the first week from the mounth and that is a good deal.

    There is a other program the call it the euroclix when you refering numbers of members the banned you. Stay way from euroclix GPT programa’s like euroclix are sucks. I got payment 3 times, when it comes to friends refering accountant the banned you! This happends many times with people’s when the increased the their salary from euroclix.

    euroclix pay members by revieuwing the site by given 500 clix. Hahah poor euroclix banned people’s with high saldo because this site need to knock off soon.



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