A marketplace for tutors across a variety of subjects, language tutors especially.

Preply is a marketplace for finding tutors (you) to communicate with over Skype. Preply has a wide range of tutoring subjects to choose from, including subjects such as math, biology, and physics, etc, but the most popular by far are the language tutors, especially for English.

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  1. Quite good if you are dedicated

    I started with Preply in 2013 when most of the features there were way less complicated or demanding (no Calendar, no Video were needed). You could simply create a profile and wait until some student contacts you to give a lesson. If you are eager you can contact students and see if they would like to book a lesson with you. You can set your own price. First lesson is a trial so student pays for it but you dont receive it (its a website’s commission). Your first commissions are painful since it starts from 33%, with a certain amount of lessons it drop and only after 400 classes you will get 18%, however this is as low as it gets. They have some sort of automated system that tracks whether you secretly exchange contact info with the students to avoid paying commission. Even a word Skype mentioned in your messaging can block your profile. Happened to me but after some explanations they unblocked it. Payments used to be transferred directly to your bank however that is no longer possible, now its only Paypal, Skrill and Payoneer. You can withdraw anytime you like. Overall, good if its your evening job. The website is quite informative, do read before signing up!

  2. Outrageous margins

    Preply takes 100% the money of every “trial lesson”. Yes, the student pays full price and you get nothing.
    If you want to change your rates, you have to ask for each student’s permission.
    Their margins are extremely high!
    Don’t teach there! Go for Italki or Verbling instead.

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