Platform for freelance translators and translator jobs.

A marketplace that connects translators with clients and each other. Proz is largely meant for professional translators, though amateur translators are present as well. Because Proz is a more professional site, the pay rate and quality of work are higher.

How To Use It:

Being a translator requires certain skills such as mastering one’s own language to perfection, being familiar with specific subject matters, as well as being a good writer and researcher.

Creating a profile with Proz is free and easy. Afterwards you can browse all open jobs and receive notifications for new ones that you can bid on. You pay 1 USD per bid. Pay varies, but the pay averages roughly to 30 USD/hour. Proz lists average pay based on language here.

There is the option of a paid membership for 129 USD per year, though its not required to get work. Membership unlocks some extra features on the site, and some employers only offer jobs to paying members.

Recommended For:

Lucrative source for earning a living while traveling. However, having or developing the necessary skills for translation is an absolute must.

  • Easy to use platform.
  • Plenty of work and potential clients.
  • Very flexible in terms of workload and working hours.
  • There can be pressure to lower your rates due to competition from unqualified translators.
  • You pay a dollar to bid, though this is the only fee that Proz asks for.
Things To Know
  • Highly recommended to specialize as much as possible, and only offer translations in one or two fields that you really know well. Taking translation jobs in unfamiliar areas can create difficulties.
  • Recommended to have all translations reviewed by a second colleague (assuming the deadline isn’t too close). Proz makes it easy for translators to review each other’s work.
  • It’s worth scrutinizing clients before accepting work – some can be crooked.
  • Be careful not to take on too much work at once.

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5 reviews

  1. ProZ was one of my keys to success

    ProZ is a very useful platform, the paid membership is worth it, it brought me some of my best clients. You can send bids for free and before regular members, you get featured on the home page and you’re easier to find in the results when searching for a service provider. I had many serious companies contacting me through ProZ and we could build a good business long term relationship. I now barely need to go look for project offers or new clients.

  2. Different features of different value to both new and experienced translators has its pros and cons. For a translator who is just starting out, it can be a great way to connect with colleagues and find clients. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to well-established translators who are looking for work, because the agencies or individuals who post jobs on the site are normally very price sensitive and go for lower offers. So, if you are experienced and have the rates to match, it probably isn’t worth your time bidding on the jobs posted as they tend to either have very low budgets or get awarded to people who quote low rates. On the other hand, if you are just starting out and charging lower rates, bidding on job postings could be a good way to get some experience under your belt.

    There are a number of advantages it offers to both new and experienced translators, though, for example: the Blue Board, where you can look up clients and see what other translators who have worked with them have to say, together with a rating from 1 to 5; glossaries and terminology forums; client and translator directories (so you can contact people and be contacted); and the group buy system, where you can buy discounted translation software by taking advantage of a special group rate for those who sign up for the offer within a certain time frame.

    Overall, the site does have a lot of benefits, you just have to be smart and picky about how you use it, depending on what you want to get out of it.

  3. It would be advisable to allow many jobseekers to have access to the platform.

    This platform conditions are very tough. Although there are many opportunities

  4. OK for beginners, just another bidding platform (with higher quality projects)

    Proz could be useful depending on your goals. When all’s said and done t’s another ‘bidding’ platform – most clients are agencies, so the projects are more qualified than on other platforms such as Upwork (where clients might effectively not know what they need / what a translator actually does), but it’s the usual other-bid-lower-than-me game.

    However, there are are some good clients and the big directory of agencies is definitely a great tool. (+ glossaries, forum, etc.)

    In my opinion (+7/8 years as a translator) it’s great for when you’re starting out, but when you advance and if want to move fro agency to client work, it can become pretty useless.

    Bonus point – they are finally working on the design from the ‘90s!

  5. Good For Transcription and Translation

    I’m a transcriber, and I’ve used this site to get into the databases of big companies, and it’s paid off. You can get notifications sent to your inbox and fine tune keywords to be notified right away when a job is posted. They show how many people have applied for a job, so you don’t waste your time. I pay for the membership, which can be written off on taxes in the US. It seems to have brought more clients and payed off.

    Something to keep in mind is that Proz is very European – a lot of companies are in the UK. Be mindful of timezones discussing jobs.”

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