A well known audio and video transcription company.
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Scribie is a transcription company that hires transciptionists who work from home.

Job requirements are fluency in English and a fast typing speed. Equipment necessities are a computer with high-speed internet, headset, foot pedal, and latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Scribie pays $10 per audio hour (this means per hour of audio files, not per hour of your time), or $1 per 6 audio minutes transcribed. How much you make per hour of your time depends on your speed.

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  1. Scribie is the worst

    Scribbie is the lowest pay I’ve seen. It’s like 30 cents a minute. The good thing they have going for them is a well designed platform that’s easy to navigate, and they are well known, but that means tons of transcribers are roped into terrible paying gigs like this.

    My advice: work for another company, or better, find your own clients. The pay here is terrible.

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