Professional freelance writing and videography platform.

Skyword is a platform for connecting professional writers and videographers with big-name companies. They are known for having higher quality writers and clients than many other freelance writing platforms. Skyword claims above 90% of their clients are household names, including IBM, The Wall Street Journal, Purina, and more. 

Pay is per project and varies depending on project type and experience required. But make no mistake, they pay well.

Recommended For:

This platform was created for professionals making a living. You can apply for as many projects as you have time for, but know that this is not the best fit for people who want to write or create videos on the side. You have to be a professional in these fields and have a niche.

Beginners are better off building their skills elsewhere and coming back when they have a portfolio.

How To Use It:

Anyone can create a profile. Once accepted into projects you will have access to a variety of work. You will typically spend several days on any given assignment. SkyWord uses two-step verification with Google Authenticator or text messaging.

  • High profile clients and good rates.
  • Being able to have a consistent work flow as a freelance writer is a big deal. If your profile is up to date and your work top-notch you can typically scale your projects up or down as needed.
  • Wide variety of clients to work for.
  • You can land repeat clients.
  • Searching through all the available opportunities can be time-consuming.
  • The editorial process can feel a bit strange since you are not communicating directly with the client.
  • The platform can be inflexible and difficult to navigate.
  • You have to authenticate your login every single time.
Things To Know:
  • Writers and videographers have better chances if they check their profile daily for possible matches or projects to apply to.
  • Browse through the site as much as possible to seek out opportunities.
  • Do the work well and hopefully you can have an established client out of projects and tasks accepted.
  • Much of their work seems to be in English, but they create content in many other languages as well. When we contacted Skyword about what languages they publish content in, they said they encourage everyone to sign up because they “never know what language we’ll need to create content in next.”


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1 review

  1. Love it.

    I’ve been working with Skyword as a freelancer for awhile now. The staff is super personable, I never feel like just a number with them. I also like that the writing projects are typically well organized. Skyword really does offer a lot for freelance writers trying to build a name and income with their creativity – through writer’s guidelines and accessible editors, to fair pay rates, etc.

    I do wish there was more transparency in the big picture for the campaigns. At times I don’t know how long a project is contracted to last, which can be problematic for scheduling workloads.

    Overall I get a constant supply of work, which is exactly what you need as a freelance writer. If I keep my portfolio updated and my work the best it can be I always have something else in my work pipeline.

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