Chat in English for 30 minute sessions.

Spoken English Practice pairs students from all around the world with an English tutor for conversation classes. If they accept you just mark time slots in your schedule and chat with students for 30 minute sessions.

Pay is $5/ 30 minutes, which comes out to $10/hr.

Recommended For

English teachers who want extra cash. SpokenEnglishPractice requires that applicants have English teaching or tutoring experience. You have a set schedule each week, so the tutor must have access to reliable WiFi. An interest in cross cultural experiences and an energetic, talkative personality are necessary.

How To Use It

The company asks that its teachers be native English speakers, and there is preference for ESL/TEFL certified teachers, or teachers that already have ESL/TEFL teaching experience. Application is a short form followed by a phone interview. If accepted you are given students almost immediately. Students are from all over the world, so you must be understanding and flexible with time zones. One student averages three 30 minute classes a week. The tutor is responsible for a time sheet, and tracking which session the student is on (the students buy lessons in packages). Pay is once a month via Paypal.

  • Pay is timely and accurate.
  • Responsive, laid back, and accessible support team.
  • Easy money. 30 minute conversations are short.
  • Meet people and discuss cultures from all over the world.
  • Set schedule.
  • There are higher paying websites for professional English teachers.
Things To Know:
  • There is a little wiggle room for cancellations, but it is not encouraged. As you meet your students and become more comfortable with them, you can arrange to rearrange on your own, but communication is absolutely key.
  • The company arranges everything using EST. It is important to understand your timezone in relation to EST, and also be familiar with the student’s timezone.
  • When hired they send information packets. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with them.
  • Overall, for quick and easy money, and good experience conducting conversation English classes, SpokenEnglishPractice is perfect.


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3 reviews

  1. Good side gig

    I’ve worked with these guys on the side for a little while now and love it. I’m a super chatty person so it’s perfect. They do want you to have real English teaching experience, and require that you schedule your hours, so as a side gig for current English teachers it’s perfect.

  2. Fun job teaching english via Skype

    I work at Spoken English Practice and have 12 students now. It is a fun job where you help students improve speaking skills through real conversations. Most of my students are pretty advanced so we talk about things like education, poverty eradication and social reform. I also use a lot of TED talk videos to spur conversations. This approach makes teaching English a lot of fun compared to just covering structured grammar lesson plans. The pay is the average for ESL jobs but they do not have free trial lessons so all the lessons you do are paid lessons. Also, if students cancel in the last 24 hours, you get paid. And they cover PayPal fees, currency conversion etc.

  3. Great way to improve English fluency. Great Company

    This is one of my favorite English teaching websites. I love that they have a 100% conversational approach. You can really see how student improve fluency by practicing consistently with Native teachers over a period of time. I have so far worked with around 20 students and I have seen an tangible improvement with all of them.

    They don’t want you to teach boring grammar theory lessons which is such a positive. Instead, the focus is on giving corrections and helping the student understand the structure of English naturally. It is a great method!

    I wish they had this for other languages too 🙂

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