A content mill open to beginners.
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Textbroker is a content mill that accepts writers of all levels – beginner and up.

Pay varies depending on a writer’s score:

  • 2-star writers – 0.7 cents/word
  • 3-star writers – 1.0 cents/word
  • 4-star writers – 1.4 cents/word
  • 5-star writers – 5.0 cents/word


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  1. Low Paying Content Mill

    Easy for beginners to join
    Usually plenty of assignments available
    Weekly payouts are easy to request and threshold is low

    Very low pay
    Hard to find assignments worth writing
    Client expectations and requirements are often too high, considering the amount of pay
    Need to work a lot (and very quickly) to get any substantial amount of money

    Native English speakers only, only users from certain countries can join. The application requires a very short writing sample, and based on it, Textbroker categorizes you as either a 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star writer.

    Most of the work available seems to be for 4-star writers.

    In addition to the open orders, Textbroker clients can also send work to you directly, and you can set a special direct order rate. You can also apply for or be invited to managed teams, where you make a set rate, usually higher than open orders.

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