One of the biggest global paid-survey websites.


Toluna is a paid-survey website, one of the largest globally of its kind.


How To Use It:
Create a profile, fill out a questionaire, and you’re good to go. The range and diversity of surveys is quite large, with a typical survey taking 15-30 minutes to complete. Pay depends on the survey, and also varies widely.


Recommended For:
Patient people with free time who do not mind repetitive tasks.



  • Provision of both cash rewards, monthly cash drawings and gift cards.
  • Bonuses by participating in polls, writing opinions, etc.
  • Helpful and informative tutorials



  • Many of the surveys that pay well are qualified – you have to be a part of the target demographic in order to take part.
  • The minimum pay-out ($20) can be frustrating to reach.
  • You may complete a survey only to find out you weren’t qualified, and be screened out of it.
  • Time-consuming. Waiting periods can be high.
  • Points held in excess of 1 year are automatically “expired”. Some have claimed their points have expired on a monthly rolling basis.
  • Technical glitches and other issues seem to be common. Poor customer service.


Things To Know

  • Qualification system for participating in certain surveys.
  • So far, this site has only proved frustrating for Nomad Playground members. Repetitive tasks, little earnings, and lots of time spent leads many to feel their time has been wasted. It seems many Toluna users share our experience.

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1 review

  1. For many, a source of frustration.

    Toluna, in our experience, can be quite tedious.

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