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Online transcription service based in Australia.
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Top Team Transcripts is a boutique transcription service run by two Australians with an international team that serves Australian businesses. In addition to its transcription services Top Team Transcripts also produces courses for new transcribers.

Pay is per minute of audio transcribed, and the rate varies depending on the type of audio/transcript required.  The majority of work is 2 speaker verbatim-style transcription.  For this sort of work, a typist with a 1:3 ratio (1 hr audio transcribed in 3 hours) earns AUD$38/hr as a base rate for clear audio.

Requirements for applying to Top Team Transcripts are:
  • Ability to transcribe a minimum of 60 minutes of audio within 24 hours.
  • Accuracy.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and follow instructions.
  • Be reliably available for one day a week (unless prior notice given).
  • Have the necessary equipment (foot pedal, headphones, audio playback app, like ExpressScribe or similar, and Microsoft Word).
  • Applicants would need at least one year’s experience and preferably experience transcribing verbatim audio.
  • There is a transcription test and successful applicants will be taken on for a probationary period with mentoring and full edits of their work.

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2 reviews

  1. Top Team to work for!!

    Since 2010 I have been earning a living as a transcriber. I had previously worked for three different companies before joining the team at Top Team Transcripts in 2016 and am extremely pleased that I made the decision to do so. Both Sonya and Claire are at the top of their game and highly respected in the world of transcription. They provide you with a comprehensive manual to follow and very promptly reply to any queries you might have in relation to your audio/transcript so you’re not left waiting to carry on with your work. They work very well together as the “leaders” of our team and constantly reiterate to us how appreciative they are for the work that we do.

    Working for Top Team Transcripts allows me the flexibility of being able to work a set amount of hours a week, and still being able to attend those events/appointments that we all have to fit into our daily lives. Every fortnight or so I submit my invoice for the work I’ve completed and within days that invoice is paid promptly into my account with no hassles. The rate of pay depends on the degree of difficulty of audio, but I have found most, if not all of the audio that is allocated, is clear and easy to understand.

    I am grateful to both Sonya and Claire for welcoming me into their team.

  2. Quality Transcription Service, from an insider

    Top Team is superb: detail-oriented, trustworthy, follow through when they say they will … and this is my experience from “the other side of the coin,” so to speak, of having transcribed for them for about a year now. I did work for one of the partners previously too when she worked for another company, and had the same experience with her as my point of contact there.

    Given they send work my way, there’s obviously bias here, but I do believe you wouldn’t regret using their services. In addition to Top Team, I currently hold contracts with two other groups. New to the marketplace as they are, I’d recommend Top Team as being head and shoulders above the others I do work for.

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