Online teaching company located in Vietnam.

TOPICA Native, created by TOPICA Edtech Group in Vietnam, hires native English teachers to give online lessons to students in Asia. Work hours are flexible and teaching materials are provided. However, they seem to have a reputation for being disorganized and inconsistent with their employees.

Teachers make around $10-$14 an hour.

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  1. Just did a training session for an hour last week, but still not ready to go online teaching as I’m not used to their pkatform. I told them I need practice and repetition to learn properly. Tgey put me in a class to teach w evaluators on 2nd day of using platform. I imagine as a way to pay me less but i dont know. Basically they threw me into the deepend without teaching me to swim correctly. And theyre late everytime for a meeting, but expect you to be always ontime for meetings and class. Bad people, bad company, avoid at all costs honestly. Made me look incompetent when all i needed was practice.

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