An easy to join but low paying way to get started in transcription.

TranscribeMe is an online transcription service that employs people around the world (you) to transcribe audio files. Work is available in English and Spanish, and no previous transcription experience is necessary. There is a short application process to go through to be accepted, but for beginners it’s pretty easy.

Pay starts at $20 per audio hour for the inexperienced. Experienced members can apply to get higher paying gigs, up to $50 per audio hour.

The general consensus around TranscribeMe seems to be that it is an easy way for beginners to get started with transcription work, but the pay is pretty low.

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3 reviews

  1. Good for newbies.

    TranscribeMe is a decent transcription company for starters. Normally the files are short and about a minute long, but the pay is really really really low, at $20. I use DFX Audio Enhancer to help me with files that are bad quality.

  2. Love it. work has paid for my ocean front hotel and minivan rental for the last 3 or 4 years, in addition to spending money on meals. If I were more motivated I could make a lot more than I do, but since I have a full-time job elsewhere I just really want to cover that and then make enough for spending extra cash each week. The admins are great, very helpful and encouraging. It is the easiest and simplest work environment that I have found for online transcription work. I sit on my chair in my living room with my laptop and coffee and plug away when I want to. No pressure – you choose the files you want to work on. The length and TAT is very clear, and it’s up to me when and how I want to work as long as I do at least one hour a week to stay in their system.

  3. Not working here again.

    The rates here are some of the lowest I’ve worked with. If you want good transcription work look somewhere else.

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